Outdoor advertising reaches 98% of the UK population every week*

*Source: Route

Big Impression

The Big Impression measures the most seen OOH campaigns every month. Working in conjunction with Opinium, Primesight tests 30 campaigns every four weeks asking the public which ones they recall seeing in their period of display. This provides us with a prompted recall figure and the campaigns are ranked according to the amount of public recall they have achieved. 

The Big Impression

Top 10 out-of-home campaigns

For the full story behind February's Big Impression please visit our news page.

McDonald's Big Mac Large and small format roadside (from 25th February) 225
McDonald's Big Mac Large and small format roadside (from 11th February) 208
McDonald's Saver Small format roadside (from 11th February) 165
NOW TV Large format roadside (from 25th February) 158
McDonald's Wrap Small format roadside (from 25th February) 155
BT Large format roadside 134
Subway Small format roadside 131
EE Large format roadside 111
NOW TV Large format roadside (from 11th February) 104
Cadbury Drinking Chocolate Small format roadside 97

*Index "100" represents the average recall score for all measured national OOH campaigns in the tested period.

This chart lists the out-of-home campaigns which had the greatest recall in the in-charges commencing 11th February and 25th February, 2019. All data supplied by Opinium.


Primemobile is a market research technique specifically developed for the Out of Home market

It is a mobile survey encompassing 500 respondents using a pre, during and post survey across your campaign. Using Primemobile will ensure research delivering the following: 

Best use of technology 

Capture real impacts 

No misattribution 

Get the power of each creative 

Discover effective frequency 

Understand moments of recognition 

Awareness and attitude

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Primesight understand the importance of getting the creative right. We have developed unique research software to help evaluate the visual attention received by the creative execution.

By utilising this visual analysis software which predicts where people initially look when viewing complex scenes, we are then able to offer thought or guidance on a campaign. A wide variety of our clients have used Primedesign to assess and improve the effectiveness of the visual impact. For those that have invested in out of home media with

Primesight, we provide this service as part of our drive for better results.

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Primesight uses EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) data to provide accountability of convenience 6 sheet campaigns to our clients. The data enables us to examine the effect of convenience advertising. This is done through the analysis of sales data across test stores (where the advertising is active) vs control stores where there is no advertising. The data can be used to show direct sales uplift during and following a campaign.


Primesight are a Board member of Route, the industry body for the measurement of out-of-home audiences. Route research combines the key elements of an extensive Travel Survey, a comprehensive Traffic Intensity Model and a ground breaking Eye Tracking Study, making it the world leader in the capture and application of audience data to measure the reach and frequency of outdoor advertising campaigns.