Vita Coco - Waterloo Domination

Vita Coco Waterloo Domination

The Objective

Vita Coco wanted to build further brand awareness for their Vita Coco Coconut Water as a natural, everyday lifestyle beverage and a compelling summer choice for consumers looking for a healthier option in soft drinks, whilst continuing to increase their category domination as market leader. Additionally, the brand wanted to create a buzz, drive creativity and overall intrigue and continue to bring out the fun side of the Vita Coco brand for its core target audience.

The Strategy

The campaign was aimed at delivering a 360° integrated campaign across outdoor, experiential and digital advertising. There was a strong focus on the out-of-home activity that had to be impactful whilst reflecting the fun side of the brand through Vita Coco'€™s positioning of 'Nature is Nuts'.

The Execution

Route, the audience research body for out-of-home media, was instrumental in delivering impacts against the desired audience for Vita Coco: 22-39 year-old ABC1s across London and Manchester. The analysis obtained through Route enabled Primesight to recommend to the specialist and media agency the use of a selection of panels that guaranteed the FMCG client a 50% increase in terms of the impacts for the needed audience (vs. average).

One of the locations within this carefully planned mix was Primesight's Waterloo Domination: passed daily by millions of people in their 20s and 30s on their daily cocomute€™ where the bright posters were able to stand out in an impressive way showcasing the power of Outdoor.

Waterloo Domination delivers 9,112,383 impacts with a frequency of 11.05 and reach of 824,650 every two week period, for a predominantly young, affluent and connected audience.

The Client Perspective

"For us outdoor offers strong visibility and impact. Our target consumers are constantly on the go, urbanites that spend a large amount of time outside moving across London commuting, socialising and exercising. Therefore, out-of-home was an obvious channel for us to use when wanting to target our consumers. Out of home provides the reach and the frequency that we wanted to hit with our audience."

Pip Brook
Marketing Director, EMEA, Vita Coco UK

Waterloo Domination


impacts per two weeks


reach per two weeks


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