Snickers Waterloo Domination

Valentine holding a red balloon in front of Snickers billboard

The Objective

Snickers wanted to make a big splash on Valentine's Day by creating a PR-able stunt providing plenty of media coverage. This stunt would reflect their current messaging of 'You're Not You When You're Hungry'.

The Strategy

Understanding that 'You're Forgetful When You're Hungry' this Snickers campaign harnessed the insight that Londoners are often time poor (as urban lifestyles become busier and more hectic) to show what can happen when people are off their game because they haven’t had enough to eat. Quite naturally this can lead to forgetfulness, which is often a theme of Valentine’s Day, so Snickers wanted to make sure that they were on hand to help forgetful Londoners!

Originally aiming to have just one experiential billboard in London, Primesight offered Mars access to the full Waterloo Domination portfolio, ensuring blanket coverage, a true brand journey and a media first.

Using the Waterloo Domination at the UK’s busiest train station – home to predominantly young, affluent and connected people – was the ideal way to reach busy consumers and Snickers' target audience.

The Execution

Working with Mars and AMV BBDO, Primesight had just four days before Valentine's Day to execute the campaign through a special build Waterloo Domination. This was quite a feat.

Using the full range of the classic and digital 48 and 96 sheets available, Snickers threw commuters a love lifeline by directing them to one special billboard with last-minute Valentine’s Day cards posted for forgetful passers-by. Commuters could follow the various messaging, including 'This way for help this Valentine's' and 'Follow the signs to grab a free card’ to find a billboard with the word ‘Forgetful’ made out of 3,000 Valentine’s Day cards that they were able to peel off and take away to use.

Further capitalising on their forgetfulness, Snickers offered commuters a chance to redeem themselves with a second set of 3,000 available the next day for those who missed the big day altogether. These new cards included the message ‘Sorry I forgot. On the plus side, booking a restaurant should be easier. Happy Belated Valentine’s’. This involved a second re-posting in 24 hours, with our billposters working overnight to keep Snickers active in the minds of busy consumers.

The Outcome

Twelve pieces in the press including a video interview in The Drum and inclusion in Campaign and Marketing Week’s Valentine’s Day coverage.

'Collaborating with AMV BBDO, Primesight and Zenith Meridian to make this Waterloo Domination happen with just a few days' planning required enormous creativity and cooperation from everyone involved. Mars is extremely pleased with the positive impact this real-world out-of-home campaign had on consumers around our 'You're Not You When You're Hungry' positioning, and the PR coverage we received in Campaign, The Drum and Marketing Week made Snickers stand out amongst the many brand campaigns on Valentine's Day.'

Christoph Weber, Snickers Brand Director, Mars

'Thankfully the 'You’re Not You When You're Hungry' brand campaign lends itself to fast turnaround tactical opportunities and this Valentine’s day was no exception. Working closely with Mars, Primesight and Zenith Meridian we were able to develop a poster, ambient and digital campaign that was far stronger than the sum of its parts. We were able to conceive, produce and roll-out this special build campaign with only 72 hours' of planning and we're very pleased with the consumer response and PR coverage it brought to Mars. The fact that we were able to save the blushes of 3,000 people who managed to forget to buy a Valentine's day card is an added bonus.'

James Drummond, Group Brand Director, AMV BBDO


  • Driving brand recall
  • Increase positive customer sentiment
  • Drive purchasing intention

Waterloo Domination

  • 9,112,383 impacts per two weeks
  • 824,650 reach per two weeks
  • 11.05 frequency per two weeks
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