O2 outdoor advertising Gatwick.jpg

The Objective

Primesight Airports worked alongside O2 to provide a media first at London Gatwick Airport. The campaign showcased contextually relevant, real-time content displayed via the airports digital arrivals network. The aim was to target incoming passengers arriving from various European destinations, creating awareness of O2’s International SIM card that offered the opportunity for passengers to call home at a low price.The campaign was aimed at targeting all European arrivals, but with a particular focus on flights arriving from Ireland, Poland, Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria. Hence why the airport was the perfect environment for O2’s targeted messaging!

The Strategy

The objective was to promote the O2 International SIM to arriving passengers in order to create awareness of the low costs O2 is able to provide, whilst encouraging airport consumers to purchase a SIM via their website or nearest retail store.

The Execution

Creating a media first, London Gatwick airport was chosen as the perfect Out of Home environment to target incoming travellers arriving in the UK. We used our Digital Arrival screens to ensure that O2 messaging was targeted and relevant by tapping into real-time flight arrival data. Throughout the duration of the campaign there was consistently branded content running across all screens that would update dependent on the location of the incoming flight. So a flight arriving from Poland displayed a welcome message and call to action in the native Polish language as passengers started their journey from plane to arrivals.

The Outcome

This campaign truly showcases the power of contextually, targeted, real-time adverting with the content specifically lending itself to the airport environment. As the results show, OOH budget accounted for 80% of the campaign, and despite budget cuts across social, O2 saw connections (SIM cards bought and then activated) increase by 17% in store and 49% online across Q4 2016 (when the campaign was live) vs Q4 2015.

“At O2 we’re constantly looking at new ways of creating exciting and innovative creative advertising opportunities. Primesight Airport allowed us, via their digital network to be truly contextual and targeted to incoming passengers.” – Jenni Gabbarelli, OOH Director, Havas Media