"Primesight reaches over 97% of All Adults every two weeks and is the market leader for UK coverage"

Source: ROUTE v.29

Targeting your audience

Primesight offers unrivalled coverage across the UK. With an extensive network of large and small format roadside panels, digital panels in central urban areas, together with a unique cinema foyer screen offering and premium airports nationwide, there is no region in the UK which cannot be covered by advertising on Primesight panels.

Our aim is to enable advertisers to achieve their objectives at whatever level they are within the purchase funnel; whether that is to make someone aware of the product for the first time, enhance their first impressions with advertising that appeals to them, or remind them to buy at just the right time or in the right frame of mind to move them closer to the ultimate purchase.

Reaching desirable audiences

Out of home has the enviable benefit of being able to target those audiences that advertisers most want to reach; namely those with higher disposable incomes and harder to reach through other media.  This active audience is also more alert and therefore more responsive to advertising.

Our aim is to ensure that we offer brands a wide variety of opportunities to reach their target audiences in huge numbers to maximise the returns from their investment.

The Commuter

Commuting is a big part of our lives, particularly on the journey to work. Advertisers know that, within that daily routine, there is opportunity to capture the focused attention of commuters with OOH media - whether that be in the car, waiting at the train station or on the walk to their office.

Recent data from the Department for Transport (Great Britain)* highlighted that the majority (67%) of the national audience commutes to work by car, followed by rail (10%), walking (10%), bus (7%) and other methods (6%). Primesight is one of the most diverse and broadest reaching OOH media owners in the UK with more than 35,300 sites nationwide. This means that we have the unique ability to reach this key target audience and drive awareness and consideration for your brand.

*Source: Department for Transport 2017


An ABC1 audience is defined as a consumer from one of the three higher social and economic groups, which consist of people who have more education and better-paid jobs than those in other groups.

Outdoor advertising is naturally more effective at reaching those who spend more time out of home and travel further. We know that our inventory reached 95.9% of ABC1s, compared to our closest competitor at 90.6% in the past year.

High Networth Individuals (HNIs) are known for being “big spenders” but, most importantly, clever spenders. HNIs use their financial acumen to make justified purchasing decisions, rather than impulsive ones. We know that HNIs often show an advanced sense of brand assessment and interpretation, an advanced education and significant exposure to premium brands on an ongoing basis.* By understanding HNI behaviour, we can tailor solutions that are suited to targeting these individuals. Whether that’s via a large digital billboard on the commute to work, or impact advertising in prime locations such as duty-free shops in airports, Primesight can contextualise advertising that is most likely to appeal to this audience.

*Source: Nielsen study ‘High Networth Individuals’


Advertisers invest a lot of research into understanding how they can make their messages relevant to today's youth audience. The main challenge is to cut through the intense advertising clutter in young people's lives. At Primesight we have researched the OOH solutions most suited to a youth audience. We know that our inventory reached 94.5% of people aged 16-34, compared to our closest competitor at 88.6% and that 18-24s are more likely to see phone kiosk advertising compared with other age groups. We have more than 16,565 kiosks across the UK, allowing a wealth of targeting opportunities for this audience group.


We know that shoppers can be identified in many different contexts - whether in an airport, a large mall or on the high street. As such, the key to creating the right message for shoppers is to be as contextual as possible. Through the extensive digital and classic OOH solutions offered at Primesight, advertisers can be very specific in how the message their content. We know that airport shoppers are more likely to impulse-buy based on their mood and longer dwell time waiting for flights, while high street shoppers are more likely to be reactive - particularly if an ad appears nearby a relevant store.

At Primesight, we can target shoppers in each of these contexts. We are the leading Airport Out of Home media owner in the UK, reaching over 141 million passengers per year. Our kiosks and Digital 6 sheets are located outside convenience stores and key shopping areas across the UK, whilst our classic and billboard advertising can also be found in key locations across the UK.

*Source: CAA Nov 2018