“I constantly say the most powerful place to tell a story is in the cinema – it was conceived as a storytelling medium and we are telling a story. The public understand it but we sometimes forget it in a world of multi-messages. Cinema is a great place to tell a story and get undivided attention.”

John Hegarty
Advertising executive

With three formats across the cinema environment our portfolio offers a range of opportunities for brands:


In the busiest cinemas, 6 sheet panels with touchscreen and fully interactive technology.


6 sheets in over 160 cinemas across the country

Digital 6 Sheets

Digital 6 sheets are located in the highest footfall cinemas across the UK and are positioned in the main thoroughfare areas of these cinemas. Digital 6 sheets provide the ability to activate only on days of the week that are contextually relevant to your brand (i.e. weekends, kids clubs, etc.) Animated digital sites attract up to 22% more attention than static poster sites.

Static 6 Sheets

Offer broad reach across the UK.

Great incremental cover when combined with a cinema D6 campaign.

More affordable option to build cover with tighter budgets.

Cinema Interactive

Our digital 6 sheets, located in cinemas across the UK, are touchscreen-enabled.

The uniqueness of the opportunity to interact with a campaign, alongside the built-in cameras, sound technology, facial recognition and live feed options are all great triggers to communicate with your desired target audience. Cinema Interactive assists you in two key ways:

  1. You can the influence cinema foyer behaviour of thousands
  2. You can improve brand recall and data capture

Digital Interactive 6 Sheet

Interactive D6s allow the cinemagoer to fully interact with the screens. Activating the motion-sensory screens in an interactive capacity provides the opportunity to engage multiple senses, meaning that brand recall is increased.

Make your business the star of the show

We can help shine a spotlight on your business with cinema advertising. Local cinemas, close to you, offering excellent value for money. Get in touch with our team to find out more about making a booking or to ask any questions you might have.

Specification Sheets

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Digital Cinema 6 Sheet

Digital Cinema 6 Sheet
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Digital Interactive Cinema 6 Sheet

Digital Interactive Cinema 6 Sheet
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Cinema 6 Sheet

Cinema 6 Sheet
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