Primesight Airports

Primesight is the largest airport media owner in the UK and we're making it easier than ever to buy airports either as standalone or alongside national roadside campaigns.

With 10 of the UK's airports in our portfolio we offer clients the opportunity to target 137 million consumers every year, which equates to 48.3% of all UK airport passengers. We're experts in creating exciting media solutions that reach both domestic and international consumers across the UK.

Primesight are proud to represent the following airports:

  • London Gatwick
  • London Luton
  • London Stansted
  • Manchester
  • East Midlands
  • Prestwick
  • Guernsey
  • Aberdeen
  • Glasgow
  • Southampton

Airports are a unique environment that offer a high dwell time that no other OOH can offer. You'll find your audience in a positive frame of mind (which leads to greater brand saliency) and looking to spend more than they would normally: with consumers spending £177m in duty free every year, they are an affluent audience to target.

So make an impression with Primesight airports. Contact us here.


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London Gatwick

  • London Gatwick is the second biggest airport in the UK
  • Serves over 45.5m passengers per year.
  • It has the world’s busiest single runway
  • Front door to one of the most popular city destinations in the world.
  • Gatwick also operates as the first the busiest point-to-point airport in Europe
  • Gatwick is nestled in the affluent area of West Sussex,
  • Immediately surrounded by the wider catchment areas of Surrey, Hampshire, Sussex and of course central London.
  • New routes include Singapore, Denver, and Seattle.
  • There are further planned routes to Buenos Aires, Austin, and Chicago for Q1 2018.

London Stansted

Currently serves over 25.9 million passengers per year

  • This has increased by +6.5% YOY.
  • It has a 75% ABC1 coverage
  • 64% are UK resident.
  • The East of England region has had highest levels of growth outside of London
  • Also has one of the highest employment rates in the country.
  • This has positive implications for London Stansted’s immediate catchment area.
  • Currently 1,500 tech companies located around Cambridge, employing 53,000 people
  • Strong economic capacity & significant future potential.
  • London Stansted has direct access via M11and a close connection via the M25.
  • There is a shift to serving more long-haul destinations
  • 11 new routes launched in 2017
  • Serving over 190 destinations.


Manchester Airport is a key hub of the North West

  • Serves over 27 million passengers per annum
  • Passenger numbers have increased by +7.5% YOY.
  • The airport has a catchment area of over 22 million people
  • Pivotal to the Northern Way strategy.
  • Manchester is the only UK city (outside of London) in the top 20 of European business destinations
  • The airport hosts over 60 food and retail outlets

It is also the only intercontinental gateway to the North of the UK.

London Luton

  • London Luton has over 15.9 million passengers per year
  • This presents a +9.2% YOY growth.
  • The new terminal building offers new restaurants, shops, and more boarding gates.
  • London Luton’s investment has allowed 7-8 stores to even open into high street-like setting.
  • A luxury shopping and leisure destination.
  • It has also attracted new routes from the likes of Wizz Air and Easy Jet.
  • 74% ABC1
  • 72% UK resident.


  • Serving over 9.8 million passengers a year
  • Represents a +6.1% increase YOY.
  • Glasgow is the UK’s premier conference venue
  • 81% ABC1
  • 82% UK resident.

East Midlands Airport

  • East Midlands is the largest cargo airport after Heathrow.
  • Serves over 4.8 million passengers per year
  • Passenger numbers have increased by 4.8% YOY. 
  • Plans to double its reach to 10m flyers in next 10-15 years
  • Plans to develop more routes to major European hubs.
  • 90% of East Midlands flyers are UK resident
  • 58% are ABC1.
  • East Midlands is very accessible by road with 11.6m+ people living within a 90-minute drive. It’s largest catchment areas include Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire
  • East Midlands is another UK airport that has significant capacity to grow.

Aberdeen Airport

  • Jewel of the north east of Scotland
  • Serves over 3 million passengers per year (a growth of 6.4% YOY).
  • Playing a pivotal role in social and economic development of North East Scotland
  • Gateway to Europe’s energy capital.
  • Heavy business bias at 43%.
  • Europe’s busiest commercial heliport.
  • 70% are ABC1
  • 75% UK resident.
  • Catchment area from the City of Aberdeen across to Moray, Angus, Highland, Perth and Kinross.
  • Largest concentration of energy businesses in Europe
  • Greatest concentration of subsea skills in the world.
  • New FlyBe routes to London Heathrow have brought connections to London up to 95 per week.


  • Southampton airport serves over 2 million passengers per year
  • This represents a 5.6% increase YOY.
  • Southampton is the cruise capital of the UK and Northern Europe
  • Southampton is a commercial, cultural, and retail capital of the south coast
  • Southampton is also a conference and convention destination which drives even more domestic passengers.


  • Glasgow Prestwick serves over 695,000 passengers
  • Presenting a 2.7% YOY growth.
  • The airport is situated on the Great Circle Route (lots of flight paths go over it)
  • It has favourable weather conditions often used as a diversion airport.
  • It has an outbound travel catchment of 520,000 people
  • It delivers a wider catchment of 2.35m people within an hour’s drive
  • 4m people within 2 hours’ drive.
  • It has enhanced public transport access
  • Glasgow Prestwick is surrounded by advanced aerospace engineering