Your message. Our billboards (01/03/17)

Your message. Our billboards

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Special billboard requests

With so many great events behind us (Christmas, the New Year) and a lot more ahead (Mother's Day, St Patrick's Day and Easter are all on the approach) we're taking a look back at some of the special requests we often receive.

One of the most popular enquiries the Primesight team gets is around special one-off billboards. Looking to propose? Perhaps there's been a new arrival in the family and you're hoping to celebrate the birth? Wanting to congratulate your daughter and brand new son-in-law on the way to their honeymoon? Whether it's marriage proposals, birthday messages or birth announcements, we can guarantee that your message will make an impression on a billboard. And with the advent of digital advertising this is an investment that won't break the bank (leaving you to put that money towards the ring or teddy bear).

So if you’re new to OOH (that’s out-of-home by the way) why not start with our handy glossary, jump to some tips on designing a great creative (we can help if you’re stuck) or read on for a few of our favourites.

Will you marry me?

We're pleased to say that so far we've only had positive results – proof that outdoor advertising works! Whether you're thinking of surprising that special someone in an airport (as we've seen before in our very own Stansted Airport or just walking down the street...

Our team is on hand to make that big question go off with a bang.


And after that proposal has gone the right way (we’re rooting for you) then we’re on hand to offer congratulations on the day. If you're looking to send a message to the lucky couple after their wedding, a billboard on the way home is just one way to do it. Take our word for it, it works: the Primesight team did just that when one of our colleagues got married. There was no better way to congratulate him than to put it up on a 48-sheet ready for the newlyweds to stumble across on the way home. It’s pretty unmissable as these things go!


A new arrival to the family, whether it's your first child or your twentieth grandchild is always cause for celebration. The baby probably won’t notice (even on a 96-sheet), but the rest of the family will have something to enjoy.

Happy birthday!

Certainly not one to do every year (unless you're a real outdoor aficionado) but a great present to buy someone for those big round numbers. Nothing beats a 'happy birthday' message for the whole world to see.

Hire me

Nothing shows commitment like putting down your last few pounds to hire a Primesight billboard. That's what Adam Pacitti did in 2013, when he was job-hunting and looking for a creative way to market himself. He landed himself 60 solid job offers (and a job), 41k followers on Twitter (and #EmployAdam trending on Twitter several times) as well as interviews and coverage across national media. He now has his dream job, reporting on WWE. So if you’re working on 'Brand Me' and looking for a job then you could do worse than booking one of our 17,000 local billboards around the UK.

Whether it’s one of the special events we’ve outlined or something a little more niche, our team will be able to help.