The World's Most Popular Wishes (05/01/17)

The World's Most Popular Wishes

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The Wish: 99 wishes on 99 covers

Crowdwish, an anonymous social network which aims to bring to life the world's hopes, dreams and aspirations, is partnering with Primesight to promote The Wish. The book, published in February, is a review of the 99 most popular wishes ever actioned by the network, which has been granting wishes every 24 hours for over 1,000 days.

The campaign will see 99 different book covers featured in cinema foyers nationwide on Primesight's Digital 6 sheets between January 2 and January 15. By placing the creative in cinema foyers, Crowdwish will be tapping into a valuable audience of avid readers, who are 30% more likely than the national average to be heavy cinema goers, according to a YouGov poll. In addition to this, avid readers are also 42% more likely to have seen an award-winning or nominated film in the past 12 months, making this a prime environment to engage with this audience, particularly in the lead-up to the film awards season.

Mark Henson, Head of Marketing at Primesight, said: "At the heart of Crowdwish's proposition, individuals come up with their own content, in this case, their desire for change. Within the Out-Of-Home sector we are actively encouraging our clients and their brand communities to combine excellent content with our broadcast media to create ultimate fame. The Wish is an example of genuinely fresh content".

Bill Griffin, Crowdwish founder and author of The Wish, commented: "It's been great working with Primesight on the launch of The Wish. The digital 6 sheets are the ideal channel to showcase the book’s 99 different covers and the targeting environment is perfect."

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