​Why outdoor advertising will work for your restaurant (03/05/17)

​Why outdoor advertising will work for your restaurant

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Out-of-home (OOH) advertising is perfect for grabbing people’s attention when they’re at their most persuadable. That’s why big brands like Subway and McDonald’s choose to book campaigns year-round, promoting their latest offers and new menu options. But if you’re thinking ‘my business is far from a national chain, how is that relevant?’ then let us explain why billboards work for the Italian on the corner and that tucked away independent coffee shop, as much as for the fast food chain on every high street.

Your target audience is open to your message

We are 33% more alert when out-of-home* making us receptive to the messages around us. Just think of yourself in a new city or on an indecisive Friday evening – you’re actively looking for that nudge in the right direction, telling you to try something new or reminding you of a place you know and love. Your audience will be out and about ready to be persuaded.

You can afford it

The arrival of DOOH (digital out-of-home) has made outdoor advertising more affordable than ever. With a range of environments you can tap into your audience at exactly the time and place they want to hear from you at a lower cost than ever before. Our digital cinema advertising gives you the perfect opportunity to access that post-film crowd and our roadside screens give you the large format exposure your brand deserves.

OOH increases profits

As well as being an effective standalone, OOH works brilliantly alongside other types of advertising – such as the radio synching we ran with Lucozade or AA. But for small restaurants and cafes we know that running a multi-platform advertising campaign is a little ambitious at this stage. So it’s heartening to know that research has shown that campaigns which include outdoor advertising produce a bigger increase in profits.** Even if you’re focusing purely on a bit of Twitter advertising, word-of-mouth or an advert in the local paper, adding OOH to the mix will deliver on that all important ROI.

Billboards are popular

Recent research has shown that across all age groups OOH remains one of the most popular types of advertising – not for marketers, but for customers!*** Second only to cinema advertising amongst 16-19 year-olds and in joint first place with cinema amongst 20-34 year-olds and 35-49 year-olds, billboards get a positive reaction from their audience, especially in comparison to online and video advertising.

So whatever format you choose, and no matter how small the campaign, outdoor advertising delivers on profits, affordability and popularity – all important elements when choosing how to advertise your local café or restaurant. For a look at our sites and where your restaurant could get noticed, visit our product page or to get your questions answered speak to a member of our team.

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