Why OOH is an excellent option for car advertising (16/02/18)

Why OOH is an excellent option for car advertising

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Out-of-home is perfect for speaking to the right customer, in the right place, at the right time. This is no more relevant than for car advertising. Studies have shown that OOH is the most relevant media choice for car brands*, with more than 50% of consumers stating they are more likely to have bought a car as a result of seeing some form of OOH advertising**.

Why OOH?

Generally speaking, car purchases are not impulsive. We know that buying a car is a careful and considered purchase. OOH plays a key part in the car buying process - prompting further research, driving online searches*** and creating awareness of the car market.

Research has shown us that those who have seen OOH ads are more likely to search and learn about companies or products they’ve seen, particularly in the car market****. With 69% of the nation travelling to work by car or van*, car brands can target motorists in an environment that is ideal for influencing consumer behaviour.

Whether they’re driving into work, traveling away for the weekend or going about their day, motorists in the UK spend a lot of time in their vehicles. Roadside billboards have the power to target potential car buyers in a setting that is both contextual and relevant. As consumers sit behind the wheel, they are in a unique position where they can easily visualise and relate to car advertising.

OOH drives online sales

Nielsen conducted a study in May 2017** which demonstrated how OOH “is the most effective offline medium in driving online activity” for both search and social media activations. What this research shows us is that OOH is powerful in its ability to influence potential customers when they are browsing online. Primesight research highlighting how roadside engagement spikes between 4-7pm, coupled with Autotrader research showing that over two thirds of motorists are searching for a new car between 6-9pm, makes the evening commuter slot ideal for motoring brands to advertise.

Context is everything

In a recent research piece by Liveposter*****, we learned that dynamic DOOH advertising leads to greater brand recall, memorability and purchase consideration. Primesight offers ‘off the shelf’ data triggers to intelligently and easily target consumers using a number of data sources.

Whether this means targeting consumers in the convertibles market on a warm, sunny day, or the frustrated driver sitting in heavy traffic with the latest GPS accessory - context is everything. A 20-degree increase in temperature has shown as much as an 8.5% increase in the sale of convertibles as well as a 6% increase in the sales of four-wheel-drive vehicles after a snow storm. Using these insights, advertisers can use digital OOH to creatively target audiences based on their surroundings.

Beyond the roadside

We know that motorists have a longer dwell time when at petrol stations, averaging between 6-7 minutes each time. Given these audiences are still in a motoring mindset, this longer engagement time allows car brands and advertisers to use more detailed messaging using drivebuy 6 sheets. Primesight offers advertising space at the UK’s busiest petrol forecourts, perfectly complementing other roadside inventory on the audience journey.

Outdoor advertising is not just a vehicle for raising awareness, it can also drive purchase consideration and intent, and be used to communicate brand positioning - making it the ideal choice for car brands.

With our standout national roadside inventory, Primesight can ensure you reach the right audiences. Talk to one of our team today to snap up a campaign deal.

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