Why cinema advertising remains a powerful OOH solution (09/01/18)

Why cinema advertising remains a powerful OOH solution

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The numbers for 2017 are in and once again the cinema box office in the UK and Ireland have had a record-breaking year.

According to figures released this week by the box-office tracker comScore, 2017 is the highest-grossing year to date in terms of cinema attendance*. Audiences spent over £1.38bn on cinema tickets, 6.1% up on the previous year, smashing the previous record for the third consecutive year.

What these results are proving is that audiences are still enjoying cinema visits despite the various stay-at-home options, such as Netflix. In fact, 78% of the UK population are now regular cinemagoers**.

With key blockbuster releases such as Dunkirk and Star Wars: The Last Jedi pushing 2017 into the record books, cinema continues to be an ideal medium to reach such a receptive audience - most of which have an average of a 20-minute dwell time in cinema foyers.

At Primesight we have a close working relationship the market leader in UK cinema advertising, Digital Cinema Media and Pearl and Dean. Together we cover 128 digital screens across 125 cinemas and 945 classic 6-sheets spanning 294 cinemas.

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