​What makes OOH such a powerful medium for your Christmas message? (12/12/17)

​What makes OOH such a powerful medium for your Christmas message?

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The snow is falling, the lights are twinkling, the smell of mulled wine is drifting out from nearby cafes… and we’re all in a hurry to get those final purchases sorted. We all know the closer we get to the big day, the more of our waking thoughts are taken up by reminders of another present we’ve forgotten or looking everywhere for inspiration.

Reach every shopping style

While 70% of Christmas shopping is done pre-December, 32% of men leave their shopping until the month itself.* And though online purchases now make up a quarter of our Christmas shopping we typically see a huge rise in footfall to brick-and-mortar shops in December. In fact, in December 2016 footfall to stores was up 16.2% when compared to the previous month.** Whether you’re aiming for the well-prepared shopper in October or the panic buyer in December, out of home advertising is perfect for catching consumers while they’re out-and-about and intent on ticking things off their list.

People are out-and-about

With company Christmas parties dominating December and plenty of visits to friends and family we find ourselves outdoors more than we might like during this frosty period. We’re out entertaining and being entertained and so there are plenty of opportunities for speaking to your ideal audience, whether that’s through a local kiosk campaign, or premium roadside digital programmed to the time you’re most likely to reach the right people.

Still unconvinced that the cold isn’t enough to put people off? Well:

  • We take three times as many taxi journeys in December, spending £420 million.
  • Half of the UK population travel to friends and families for Christmas, spending an estimated £2bn.
  • 20% of the adult population spend one night away from home over the festive period.
  • The peak ‘getaway’ period is the last weekend before Christmas (16th/17th December).***

Add to that film releases such as Paddington 2, the long-awaited next Star Wars instalment and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and we’re looking forward to a winter period filled with cinema visits too (and plenty of chances to reach consumers out of home).

Take advantage of key dates

Outdoor advertising is perfect for targeting some of the key periods when the bulk of the buying is made, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday but it’s also the ideal medium to communicate your message the closer we get to Christmas. For bricks-and-mortar businesses, looking out for ‘Super Saturday’ (the final Saturday, and third busiest day in the UK last year) and Sunday 24th (the last shopping day before Christmas) helps you to know where to put that advertising spend.† Grabbing people’s attention while they’re sorting out those last items is the way to get ahead.

Further, knowing that the last standard delivery Amazon order date will likely be Monday 20th December reminds us that no matter how popular online shopping becomes, there’s nothing more reassuring than holding that gift in your hand – and that’s your opportunity to influence consumers up until the very last minute.

If you’re looking to influence consumers and get cut-through at this busy time of year, our last-minute digital deals are perfect for you. Speak to one of our team today.

* TGI 2017 ** Experian Retail Index *** Visit England, Inrix † ShopperTrak