Waterloo Domination suddenly feels very Italian (28/08/14)

Waterloo Domination suddenly feels very Italian

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Suddenly Waterloo Domination feels very Italian...Here is why...

No way you have passed by Waterloo this August and not noticed the brilliant use of Primesight’s estate by the best known premium lager brand.

Showcasing the use of outdoor for brand building purposes, Peroni utilised Primesight’s estate to deliver an incredibly outstanding campaign.

Peroni is targeting ‘Modern Sophisticates’: confident, socially mobile, 25-34-year-old status seekers, optimistic about the future and their ability to control it. What better place to achieve exceptional cover and reach for this audience than the eye-catching multi-format Domination.

The campaign was planned and booked by MEC and Kinetic.

For the video of the campaign: click here.

For the media gallery: click here.