Vodafone launch UK-first 5G experiential campaign with Primesight Airports (18/02/19)

Vodafone launch UK-first 5G experiential campaign with Primesight Airports

Primesight is now part of Global

A UK-first, Vodafone and Primesight have launched an experiential 5G campaign at Manchester Airport

Driving awareness of Vodafone’s 5G network at Manchester Airport to current and potential customers, the super-fast network service gave happy flyers the chance to test the service by downloading a film or TV boxset using 5G. 

Passengers downloaded content up to four times quicker than over 4G – providing them with more than enough entertainment for their flight. 

Travellers at Manchester’s Terminal One visited the special ‘blast pod’ (which was developed by Primesight in collaboration with Freeman) to create an exciting interactive out-of-home 5G experience for those enjoying their time in the departure lounge. Capturing customer attention, the campaign used Primesight’s out-of-home offering to showcase Vodafone’s 5G capabilities. 

Nick Jeffery, CEO, Vodafone UK said: “We all love to catch up on our favourite TV shows, play games or finish off some work when travelling. 5G, with its fast speeds and quick response times, will make that quick and easy, even in busy locations. We are proud to be the first provider to bring 5G to an airport and will be adding more major travel hotspots to our 5G network throughout the year.”

Brad Miller, chief operating officer, Manchester Airport said: “We are delighted to support Vodafone’s 5G trial at Manchester Airport. As we progress with the design and delivery of our £1bn transformation programme, we are constantly exploring how new innovations and technology can be applied to improve the airport experience.”

Joe Cassidy, business director, Primesight Airports said: “This 5G Vodafone campaign gave everyone at Manchester Airport the beauty of home internet speeds with the benefits of being out-of-home. Making the most of the long dwell time in the departure lounge, passengers were able to while away the wait before their flight by downloading premium entertainment before boarding – ensuring they would be in control of their own in-flight entertainment.

“Vodafone have recognised the advantages of advertising in Manchester Airport at a time when airports are busier than ever before –the number of passengers in our 10 airports has reached a sky-high 141 million per year and is still growing. The technology and opportunities are constantly evolving and by choosing the day before the half-term holidays to reach a captive, excited audience we know that Vodafone helped holiday-makers start their journey from Manchester Airport in the best possible way.” 

As 5G handsets are not yet available for consumers, Vodafone completed the trial using its ‘Gigacube’ device – a portable router that is 5G-enabled. Consumers connected to 5G via the Gigacube and used their Now TV Entertainment Pass to download and stream content.