Valentine's Day Spending (04/01/17)

Valentine's Day Spending

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Valentine's Day is home to last-minute purchases

With 1 in every 2 consumers in the UK spending money for the occasion.

People spend on average £41.73 per person – and even more in London (£101.03). 23% of gifts purchased for Valentine's Day are bought on impulse, with flowers and chocolate the most purchased gifts – though women would still prefer more indulgent gifts!

The top three gifts purchased for Valentines Day:

  • 25% greeting cards
  • 18% chocolate
  • 16 % flowers

Of those who purchased gifts for Valentines Day in 2015, 63% bought planned purchases, 23% bought on impulse and 14% can't remember.

We know that men are last-minute shoppers by nature – as proven by their Christmas shopping habits – with 27 million consumers hitting the streets on Christmas Eve. £1.4 billion was spent on the high street on Christmas Eve alone in 2015. 75% of those doing last minute shopping were male.

25-44 year-olds spend the most on Valentine's Day. Brits who bought products on Valentine's Day last year:

  • 51% women/47% men aged 16-24
  • 58% men/57% women aged 25-44
  • 48% men/43% women aged 45-64
  • 35% men/43% women aged 65+

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Source: Mintel