Say Hello to Sky Mobile on our Waterloo Domination (03/04/17)

Say Hello to Sky Mobile on our Waterloo Domination

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Introducing 'Swap' - the latest exciting offering from Sky Mobile

Launching live on Friday, Sky Mobile has introduced handsets to their existing offering with a heavyweight OOH plan looking to reach over 80% of UK consumers across billboards, 6 sheets, digital, and experiential activity distributing Sky Mobile phone cases.

Target commuters using their mobile, Sky chose Primesight's Waterloo Domination (at Britain’s busiest station) based on its strong offering of over 9 million impacts every two weeks.

The campaign reveals 'Swap' – a new, affordable way for customers to get the phone they want, when they want, with their creative strapline "Say Hello". Swap allows people to get the very latest model every year with Swap12, or choose Swap24 to get the lowest monthly price on bestselling phones including Samsung, Sony and LG. With five special builds on our Domination promoting these five core messages to commuters, Sky are using 'data lines' that extend beyond the billboard face to emphasise each unique offering: Swap, Roll, Save, Mix and Sync.

To sync with the whole media plan (including TV advertising spots with Tom Hardy) Primesight worked closely with Rapport and Sky to make posting the campaign as flexible as possible. Following the special build launch on Friday, a nationwide 48-sheet campaign goes live Monday, followed by a 6 sheet advertising campaign from 10 April. Primesight’s out-of-sync posting is allowing Sky to amplify the impact of their entire advertising effort, including experiential takeovers at Waterloo Station on Friday, followed by Victoria and Liverpool Street over the weekend.

'We are extremely pleased with consumer reactions to this media-first at Waterloo. We worked closely with Primesight to ensure this out-of-home campaign delivered the flexibility to sync with advertising across Sky's entire media plan. The five special builds tell the whole story along the arc of Sky’s messaging, highlighting each core message along the commuter journey, which is further amplified by the experiential Sky is running today.' Michael Cobb, Group Account Director, Rapport

'Waterloo is home to 300,000 commuters every day and our Domination offers advertisers like Sky the opportunity to target an extremely valuable audience. It's great to see a brand taking advantage of the flexibility of posting and the creative opportunities that out-of-home has to offer, especially accompanied by experiential advertising which works so well with Primesight's estate. Hearing initial reactions from commuters it’s clear this campaign has been a big success.' Sam Patel, Planning Business Director, Primesight