Staying On Top With Savvy Travellers (02/05/19)

Staying On Top With Savvy Travellers

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Savvy Travellers are 19% of the Primesight Airports audience. They arrive early, browse the airport and feel relaxed

Being well-organised can get your far in this life. As a result, you’ll probably have a better grip on your finances, be able to manage your time more effectively and perhaps even make it through an entire day without being reminded your meeting started five minutes ago… half-way across town! However, your truest reward comes in the knowledge that you make it into our prestigious ‘Savvy Traveller’ demographic.

Our Savvy Travellers are a frugal lot, but for a very good reason. They’re sensible with their money so that they can afford better holidays and experiences, which makes them perfectly suited to airport advertising.

This audience is predominantly middle class, with an enviable one third of them being already retired—and they’re all about planning. Whether they’re booking holidays in advance, browsing money comparison sites or doing ‘lots of research’ before buying a car (75%) these people are prepared and know what they want. 

Taking this into consideration we know our Savvy Travellers won’t be best suited for point-of-sale high-end luxury goods campaigns, but they’ll be highly susceptible to buy-early offers on package holidays. Similarly, we wouldn’t suggest targeting this audience with the latest gadget, but they would certainly be perfectly suited to a new car that had received rave reviews for being cost-effective.

Overall this audience is essential in reminding all advertisers that for many people planning is all part of the purchase journey, and so this needs to be reflected in a brand’s advertising message in the airport environment and across all of their campaigns.


Following Steve Bernard’s recent introduction to Primesight, Kinetic & YouGov’s airport segmentation research in Mediatel, Joe Cassidy, Primesight’s airports business director, is running an in-depth look at each of the seven airport segments and the appeal they hold for advertisers.

You can see all seven segments and their detailed profiles on our Airport Audience page.

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