​Renault grabs Primespot (29/03/17)

​Renault grabs Primespot

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Renault target hero dads in latest cinema campaign

Wanting to give the KADJAR the attention it deserves, Renault turned to Primesight's 'Primespot' to get the level of targeting that would assure them reach within their target 'Hero Dads' segment.

KADJAR hadn’t featured in any major OOH campaigns since mid-2016 and Renault sought to build brand awareness once more. Having identified their 'Hero Dads' audience of ABC1 males, 35-49-years-old with children in the household, advertising in cinemas was the perfect strategy for Renault to follow.

Renault and MG OMD chose 1,750 hours of playouts for two films that indexed highly for their Family and ABC1 Male audience. The release of Lego Batman coincided perfectly with the KADJAR campaign dates and school half-term dates, increasing Renault's ability to reach fathers. Then switching over to the release of John Wick: Chapter 2 ensured a continued presence amongst a high ABC1 audience.

As Eloise Howard, Marketing Team, Renault UK, commented 'For us, context is one of the most important factors when selecting media. For this out-of-home campaign, the timing, environment and audience fitted the adventurous character of the Renault KADJAR perfectly.'

According to Planning Business Director Sam Patel, 'For Primesight, the cinema foyer – and more importantly Primespot – offered Renault a synergy between 'Hero Dads' and the heroes within their chosen films. We were delighted to work with Renault to bring their campaign to life using third party data and our time-sensitive digital technology, allowing them to successfully target their core audience.'

What is Primespot?

First used by Lego in their December 2016 Star Wars campaign, Primespot is Primesight's innovative new way of scheduling cinema advertising to minimise wastage. Mimicking the traditional 'gold spot' advertising seen on-screen before film showings, Primespot offers advertisers the opportunity to run their campaigns in foyers in the fifteen minutes before screenings of their chosen films. The average cinema goer spends 14 minutes in the foyer ahead of watching their film, at a time when they are most receptive to the messages around them. Offering highly targeted options based on the film’s demographic, this innovation answers our brands’ needs to target specific audiences.