Quitting smoking with out-of-home advertising (05/12/17)

Quitting smoking with out-of-home advertising

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Billboards and more: positive changes through outdoor advertising

As part of our ongoing series looking at key trends for 2018 this week we’re highlighting the strength of outdoor advertising in encouraging positive life changes such as quitting smoking.

With new year’s resolutions fast approaching it’s important to look at your 2018 marketing campaigns and how you’ll be helping people realise their good intentions.

Whether you’re looking to speak to people desperate to quit (13% of UK smokers say ‘I REALLY want to stop smoking’*) or influence those who are already considering it (32% of UK smokers say ‘I think I should stop smoking but don’t really want to’*) with all those smokers forced to take their breaks outside it’s not a massive leap to say that your first port of call has to be outdoor advertising. To make that message contextually relevant and most likely to influence purchases local proximity marketing is a great place to start.

With phone kiosks and 6-sheets you can reach people in areas closest to moments of temptation. As the New York Times highlighted in one of the best articles on this subject, key to quitting is identifying triggers – outdoor advertising can work to shortcut these and replace them with better habits instead. So one of the ideal solutions is booking a phone kiosk or 6-sheet campaign in proximity to shops where passers-by will be able to buy your products, or close to restaurants and bars that are nicotine traps for those looking to quit.

How can out-of-home drive footfall to store and increase online purchases?

Whether your business is tied to bricks and mortar, is soaring high in ‘the cloud’ or is a mix of the two, out-of-home (OOH) is effective at driving online purchases and shop visits. As the physical showroom for both, OOH is often one of the first places a consumer might encounter your brand and a contextual way to get your message across when they’re most responsive; for those looking to kick the nicotine habit, that’s outdoor advertising: people who said they wanted to give up smoking are 53% more likely to spend between 9 and 10 hours out of home per week.**

According to research 1 in 3 people have bought a brand as a result of outdoor advertising and OOH has been proven to drive online actions too.** In fact, two thirds have searched the web as a direct result of OOH ads. With over 19,000 kiosks across the UK and a 90.3% coverage of the nation, our estate is a great platform to broadcast your message at low cost, close to where consumers are most likely to respond.

Outdoor advertising is more than just billboards. Our wide range of formats is sure to help your brand start 2018 the right way and encourage good behaviour amongst those looking to quit smoking in the new year. Talk to one of our team today to snap up a January campaign deal.

And for those looking for further insights into January campaigns read on for our articles on healthy eating and fitness.

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