Primesight supports Mind Charity’s #TakeOffTheTape campaign (21/03/16)

Primesight supports Mind Charity’s #TakeOffTheTape campaign

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On March 7th Mind Charity and MEC Manchester launched an ambitious social media campaign aimed at raising awareness of mental health issues and changing the perception of a whole generation towards such problems.

Studies show that mental health issues will affect 1 in 4 of us during our lifetime, but this is still a highly misunderstood subject. People are reluctant to talk about it, mostly because of the fear of judgement from their peers.

Mind Charity offers advice and support to anyone experiencing a mental health condition and they are committed to improving services, raise awareness and promote understanding. They’ve partnered with MEC Manchester to launch a powerful message, ‘Don’t be silenced!’, and finally empower people to break the taboo and talk about mental health issues.

The #TakeOffTheTape campaign is meant to join the dots from gateway symptoms such as stress and anxiety right up to serious mental health issues - the message behind it being “It’s ok to talk about mental health”, including stress and anxiety which may affect every single one of us.

A recent Mind poll among 18-34 year olds highlighted that nearly one in twenty people currently experience anxiety and one in ten have mixed anxiety and depression. At the same time, though, half of them don’t see anxiety as potentially leading to mental health problems and one in four under-35s feel that showing their emotions is a sign of weakness.

#TakeOffTheTape is a unifying social media campaign that is inclusive and sharable, with a highly symbolic gesture at its heart: ripping off the metaphorical tape over our mouths that prevents us from talking about mental health.

You can read more about the campaign here.

Rubbi Bhogal-Wood, Primesight Regional Business Director, said: “Primesight fully supports the fantastic efforts of Mind Charity and MEC in raising awareness of mental health issues. We wanted to get behind the #TakeOffTheTape campaign as its key that we open up the subject matter, bring it out from the shadows and make people aware of Mind’s supportive network. Asking everyone at Primesight including the CEO to lay bare their anxieties proved empowering and allowed us to feel that we were not alone.”

Ruth Richards, Head of Communications and Marketing at Mind added: “At some point, there are problems that everyone is likely to face. Whether it’s worry about work, money, our image, health, a loved one, exams – stress and anxiety are emotions we all encounter. If we don’t speak out and seek support, these feelings can build and start to impact on our quality of life, our relationships and our health. By encouraging everyone to talk more honestly about things being tough, we can help people feel more comfortable about admitting that they need some support.”

And finally, Alexandra Lever, Campaign Manager and Content Strategist at MEC Manchester: “We’re so grateful to everyone in the industry who have shown their support for #TakeOffTheTape. The campaign has grown organically and is really making a noise in the mental health environment and on social media. We have been inundated with messages from people thanking us for bringing awareness and making them feel that this is a shared problem we all experience, they are not on their own, and we can tackle stress and anxiety collectively so it doesn’t lead to mental health. We’ve really enjoyed working with Mind, and helping them to raise awareness that it’s ok to talk about how we really feel”