Primesight recognised by Best Companies as a top-tier employer (17/03/14)

Primesight recognised by Best Companies as a top-tier employer

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Following the publication of the Best Companies results for 2014, Primesight is proud to announce that it was accredited with a 2 star rating and awarded the 125th position in the small companies category among 351 small organisations which entered the study.

Best Companies has been in existence since 2001 to measure and acknowledge excellence in workplace engagement. Each year organisations from a wide range of industries use this employee survey to measure the engagement of their employees. The responses are collated to produce an overall engagement score for each organisation. This year 897 companies entered the study and were classified and ranked in the following four categories: small, medium, big and non-profit organisations.

The Best Companies methodology is based around eight key factors which in combination measure workplace engagement. These factors are particularly significant as they are defined by employees themselves as critical factors in workplace engagement.

As a consequence of the employee survey, Primesight obtained extremely favourable results for all workplace engagement areas, particularly for the top-ranked factors below:

1. My Team

The study proved that here at Primesight, team spirit is instrumental. Friendship and support from your workmates makes all the difference.

2. My Company

This variable illustrated that Primesight employees value the company greatly; they feel proud to work here, and believe they are making a difference every working day.

3. Leadership

The positive result under this section served to prove that "leadership" has an impact beyond the boardroom, demonstrating that good leadership and management at Primesight makes for a happy team.

4. My Manager

The working relationship between Primesight employees and their managers, which has a great impact on workforce engagement, was given an outstanding value as well.

5. Giving Something Back

The score obtained under this variable demonstrates that employees feel that Primesight acknowledges the value of investing in people, the local community and wider society.