Primesight proudly supporting Come Out for LGBT (07/09/17)

Primesight proudly supporting Come Out for LGBT

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A decade on from 'Some People Are Gay Get Over It'

Stonewall have today launched a new slogan encouraging passive allies to 'come out' in support of the LGBT community in the face of a rise in hate crime.

Primesight is donating free media in cinema foyers across the nation, and on large format roadside in Cardiff and Glasgow to showcase the Mr President-designed work. The artwork includes a number of different creatives which all play on the meaning of 'come out': 'Come Out Sharing', 'Come Out Dancing' and 'Come Out Playing' are just a few examples, all of which include photos of well-known public figures.

Primesight is one of a number of notable media owners donating free space, £500,000 worth of which was sourced by Omnicom's Rocket on behalf of Stonewall and Mr President.

As Stonewall note, the UK has come a long way in the fight for LGBT rights in the last 25 years. But their new research via YouGov shows just how far we have to go. The number of lesbian, gay or bi people who have experienced a hate crime has gone up by nearly 80% over the last five years. And two in five trans people have experienced hate crime in the last 12 months.

The fight for equality is far from over. Stonewall’s brilliant new campaign: 'Come Out For LGBT' is encouraging everyone in Britain to join Stonewall in showing visible support for LGBT equality in a range of different ways: from sharing positive messages on social media, to knowing how to intervene to stop discrimination, to making schools and workplaces more inclusive. For those ready to 'Come Out for LGBT' you can visit now to sign the pledge and to get helpful resources for schools and workplaces.