Primesight enters Lovecontent with Teesside University digital cinema campaign (04/07/14)

Primesight enters Lovecontent with Teesside University digital cinema campaign

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Primesight have chosen to participate in this year’s Lovecontent Digital OOH Innovation category with the Teesside University campaign that ran in cinemas last September. Lee Anderson, head of Marketing at Primesight, presented the entry submission on 3rd July at the offices of Ogilvy in Canary Wharf.

The campaign is a gem in Primesight’s collection of examples that have worked tactically to achieve a real business result and have delivered against the objectives shortly after the campaigns’ end.

Universities had famously been using basic print materials for their marketing campaigns and had started to tap into social media channels in the past five years, but they have not really been exploring the opportunity of driving tactical activation with longer brand building.

The campaign helped the university disrupt and connect the consumer journey of the desired target audience. It was also the first university in the UK to advertise in cinema foyers. As a final result the campaign managed to achieve the much-desired record attendance numbers for the consecutive Teesside University open days. By delivering just shy of 4,000 interactions across six cinemas for a period of four weeks, the campaign achieved high levels of client satisfaction as the results showcase the perfect match for the target audience at hand, the environment and the format allowing for interactive touch combined with engaging content. Advertising campaigns such as this one are easily scalable across Primesight’s 125 digital screens in cinema foyers available nationally for achieving even more impressive results.

Here is what Michelle Eaves (Marketing Manager, Teesside University) shared with us:

‘As the education sector is more competitive than ever, our brand needs to have stand out, especially as the marketplace is particularly crowded. The addition of the interactive Digital 6 sheets within cinema foyers enabled us to capture the imagination (and the personal details) of our prospective students whilst they were socialising with their friends – this format complemented our on-screen activity. We are always looking for new initiatives to inspire, excite and engage our core digital savvy audience.’

The client has executed a second burst of the campaign with us with a refreshed creative in May this year allowing for Teesside University to repeat and even surpass its success from the previous year.