Primesight CEO, Naren Patel, named in Top 100 EMpower Ethnic Minority Executive List (31/05/18)

Primesight CEO, Naren Patel, named in Top 100 EMpower Ethnic Minority Executive List

EMpower has released the ‘2018 EMpower Ethnic Minority Role Model lists’, naming Primesight CEO Naren Patel in their Top 100 list of EMpower Ethnic Minority Executives.

The lists celebrate the achievements of the ethnic minority business community in the UK, Ireland, Europe, United States and Canada. They are published annually, in partnership with the Financial Times, and showcase ethnic minority talent across a diverse range of industries.

Naren is placed at number 13 on the list and second in the media sector behind Country Manager & Chairwoman of WPP & MediaCom, Karen Blackett who topped the list.

CEO and founder of EMpower, Suki Sandhu said the lists are developed each year to recognise individuals doing important work to drive the empowerment of ethnic minorities within various businesses.

When talking about the role of ethnic minority executives, he said: “role modelling is fundamental to ensuring equality of opportunity and more inclusive workplace cultures. Those who have achieved personal success have a responsibility to inspire the next generation of ethnic minority leaders, and those featured on our lists are more than living up to it. 

“Through these lists we hope to encourage individuals and businesses to stand up and work together to drive change in our society and workplaces - doing so will inspire the diverse leaders of tomorrow.”

Naren was selected for championing and dedicating significant time to diversity initiatives in the media and advertising industry. Specifically, he was commended for ensuring that diversity and inclusion is at the forefront of his team's minds, for regularly monitoring the ethnic make-up and recruitment of his workforce and ensuring that they truly reflect the society they work in.

In being named in the top 100, Naren said: "It's a real honour to be named as an EMpower Ethnic Minority Executive, amongst an esteemed list of executives doing their part to support, inspire and take real action on improving diversity in the workplace. 

“I have always been an advocate for improving ethnic diversity in the advertising and media industry - an industry which has been historically underrepresented in the past. Together with other industry partners and colleagues, we are able to continue this important work and inspire future leaders toward making positive changes to their businesses." 

Primesight is proud to play a role in helping to make the workplace a more welcoming place for ethnic minority employees.


About Naren Patel, CEO Primesight:
Naren serves as Chair of the Primesight Diversity Group, to ensure that diversity initiatives have the support from the top of the organisation and has implemented a mentoring system to provide career advice to their ethnic minority employees. Naren has also recently put the company through a benchmarking process, to understand where they sit among competitors and how they can improve their inclusion efforts. 

Primesight has been nominated for a variety of industry awards, and Naren is featured on the Campaign A list. Externally, Naren is a Trustee for NABS (National Advertising Benevolent Society) and sits on their Finance Committee. He also recently set up Media for All, and  is part of the Media Diversity Task Force, and is an advisor to Creative Access. He regularly speaks at industry events on the topic of diversity in the media, and has been involved in Speakers for Schools. Through all of these activities, Naren forms mentoring relationships to pass on his advice and passion for diversity to the next generation. 

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About EMpower:
EMpower is a professional membership organisation, helping corporate members drive greater Ethnic Minority inclusion at all levels of their organisations. Founded in 2017, it provides powerful network connections, helping businesses create diverse and representative workplace environments where everyone can succeed. EMpower has over 26 member firms including; BP, Barclays, LinkedIn, Coca-Cola, and Sainsbury’s.

EMpower is part of INvolve, a membership organisation championing diversity and inclusion in business. INvolve is a motherbrand sitting above OUTstanding, EMpower and HERoes, membership initiatives working respectively across LGBT+, ethnic minority and gender diversity. Through the delivery of events, programmes, thought leadership and advisory services INvolve helps member firms drive cultural change and create more inclusive workplaces. In addition, OUTstanding, EMpower and HERoes publish role model lists annually in partnership with the Financial Times, celebrating business leaders and future leaders who are leading the charge in their respective diversity spheres

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