Primesight brings digital roadside OOH to Leeds (17/11/14)

Primesight brings digital roadside OOH to Leeds

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As another panel is added to Primesight'€™s Network proposition, Leeds acquires its first digital roadside panel on the 17th November, positioned on Hunslet Road.

Located on a main arterial route, the site will be serving the city centre from the M1 and South Leeds. With a head-on location with long dwell time at the traffic lights, the digital site also benefits from being in close proximity to The Royal Armouries Museum and the rejuvenated Canal area, which consists of popular hotels, bars and restaurants. The approximate impacts the panel will deliver are 303,000 with a reach of 93,750 based on all adults.

Primesight'€™s expanding digital proposition Network is designed to amplify the message that traditional formats carry. Network consists of 48 sheet digital screens available nationally to deliver the very exciting digital OOH add-on without compromising the powerful effects of traditional out-of-home posters. By the end of 2015, 50 digital sites will be part of Network.