Primesight and Quividi experiment reveals what the industry did last Huddle (17/11/15)

Primesight and Quividi experiment reveals what the industry did last Huddle

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Primesight has partnered with Quividi to launch the latest iteration of its video analytic software for the first time in a live environment in an experiment conducted at this year’s Mindshare Huddle.

The experiment, ‘I Know What You Did Last Huddle,’ hosted on November 12 by Primesight, one of the UK’s leading outdoor media owners, saw Quividi’s new ‘Expert’ anonymous face detection technology measure the mood and attention of people in the audience of 18 other Huddle sessions – without their knowledge.

It uncovered a number of insights:

  • Audiences at Mindshare Huddle were comprised of 59% men
  • 44% of audiences were in their thirties
  • Audiences were attentive 62% of the time on average. The highest attention rate in any session was 76%; while audience attention was at its lowest after the first 10 minutes of each session and after lunch
  • Women in their fifties were the happiest according to the mood recognition technology
  • 6% of audiences were wearing glasses; while 7% of men wore facial hair

The experiment used the latest edition of Quividi’s audience measurement solution to monitor people’s mood and emotional responses to the seminars, as well as gender, age, number and attention. Data was live-streamed on Primesight’s digital 6 sheets located in Huddle’s foyer.

This year’s Mindshare Huddle centred on the theme of what it means to be human in the digital age. Primesight’s seminar, which kicked off with a 10-minute hack of the data collected using Quividi’s technology throughout the day, also included a discussion around the themes and issues presented by the experiment, and the implications of facial recognition for the media industry. The panel was made up of Mungo Knott (Marketing and Insight Director, Primesight), Adrian Exton (Director, Bluesight Systems), futurologist Dr Tracy Harwood (Senior Researcher, De Montfort University), and moderated by Nigel Fung (Group Business Director, Primesight).

Mungo Knott, Marketing and Insight Director at Primesight, said: Facial detection technology is evolving quickly, revealing opportunities, but also causing some public concern. How this can be applied within advertising to create engagement and personalisation but without intrusion will be an interesting challenge for many clients.”

Olivier Duizabo, CEO of Quividi, said: “Quividi was thrilled to demonstrate the new software version for the first time at Mindshare Huddle in partnership with Primesight. With the Expert Edition Quividi adds finer precision to the audience demographics it delivers, and introduces the analysis of face moods.

The rich set of anonymous audience data can be leveraged in real time to create responsive advertising campaigns.”