Primesight and Missing People: an ongoing partnership to help reunite hundreds of families in the UK every year (25/02/16)

Primesight and Missing People: an ongoing partnership to help reunite hundreds of families in the UK every year

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In support of Child Rescue Alert fortnight, Primesight have generously provided Missing People with additional outdoor advertising space.

Child Rescue Alert is a national policing tool that sends a message to members of the public within a defined geographical area when a child is missing or has been abducted and their life is believed to be at immediate risk.

The outdoor campaign running from 15-28 February aims to encourage people to register to receive Child Rescue Alerts. By providing us access to their network of digital billboards, Primesight have helped us maximise the reach and impact of the campaign. Also, by geographically targeting areas with low sign up rates we were able to promote an equal distribution of sign ups across the UK. This will ensure Child Rescue Alert’s effectiveness nationwide.

Partnering with Primesight has been transformational for Missing People. The search for people going missing every year in the UK was revolutionised by being able to utilise Primesight’s inventory.

The impact of such campaigns can be dissected into three main categories:

  • Emotional Impact
  • Reuniting Families
  • Publicity

The Emotional Impact

Primesight’s billboards not only help find missing people but also provide crucial emotional support to the families left in limbo when a loved one goes missing.

Primesight gives families strength to continue with their daily activities when their whole world is falling apart. Because of this support, we have evidence that the rest of the UK is looking for their loved ones.

With Primesight’s contribution we can physically prove that they are not alone in the search for their loved ones. This gives them strength to continue.

Reuniting Families

Primesight’s billboards help Missing People reunite hundreds of families in the UK every year. By informing the public about missing people in their local communities it enables them join the search for vulnerable missing adults and children. And because we can target local areas, the search can potentially be more effective.


Primesight’s billboards help us publicise our charity. As a medium sized charity, this is crucial for our development and expansion. Without these billboards there would be thousands of people in the UK who wouldn’t know of the services we provide for free, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Fundraising and Volunteering

Primesight’s help has also been substantial in terms of fundraising. Primesight have one of the most dedicated and creative fundraising teams we’ve ever seen, always going the extra mile to come up with new ideas that shine with enthusiasm and passion.

Primesight’s race night was an inspired fundraising activity and one we are keen to replicate across the charity. By placing bids on race horses in pre-recorded events, teams in offices across the UK were able to get involved and the night was a huge success!

In September 2015 Primesight staff across the UK spent their time holding three Appeal Days for Missing People in London, Glasgow and Manchester. They hit the streets to raise awareness of missing people in their local community. By handing out posters and informing the general public Primesight were rewarded with amazing results. Within 48 hours, two very vulnerable missing people featured in these Appeal Days were found! As a medium sized charity we rely on volunteering to keep the search alive.

Media coverage

The partnership between Missing People and Primesight has become widely recognised by other charitable organisations and the media. Our partnership with Primesight boasts synergy and enthusiasm and therefore it has gained significant coverage. Reports on our charitable partnership with the outdoor industry have been highlighted in Media Week, The Sun and The Drum.

Also, Missing People continually features the achievements of our corporate partners on our Twitter page reaching over 70,000 followers!

We hope to continue developing our partnership with Primesight and help reconnect more families in their times of crisis.