A Look at Premium Professionals (24/04/19)

A Look at Premium Professionals

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11% of the Primesight Airports audience. They're high-end consumers looking for quality products and experiences

When Primesight and Kinetic first released our seven airport segments I instinctively set about finding which one I was most similar too. After listing my interests, working out my social grade and resentfully admitting to myself that I still use Snapchat at the age of 33… It soon became clear that I’m a bona fide ‘On the Up’ passenger. While there’s no shame in this, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t gazing longingly at the Premium Professional segment and wondering what I had to do to make the jump.

There’s no denying it, these guys are hip (it’s perhaps the fact I use the word ‘hip’ that means I’ll never truly make it into this elusive group) and will be the ideal target audience for many of your premium brands.

Predominantly high-end consumers, Premium Professionals love quality products and thrive on new experiences. They own the latest technology, actively spend time browsing tech at the airport and will be the person their friends go to for advice on the latest gadgets.

When it comes to motors, they often opt for premium models and over half of them are in the mood to be more extravagant when travelling. These are the kind of travellers that airports love, as they arrive early to shop and are very likely to make a purchase—particularly a tech one.

Recent campaigns through Samsung, Apple and JBL will all have wanted to attract this high-spending, influential audience and it's the reason Primesight Airports have seen increased interest from the tech sector for the past three years.

Now I just need to find out how I can be the kind of traveller those brands want to attract. Deleting my Myspace account would be a start I suppose… 


Following Steve Bernard’s recent introduction to Primesight, Kinetic & YouGov’s airport segmentation research in Mediatel, Joe Cassidy, Primesight’s airports business director, is running an in-depth look at each of the seven airport segments and the appeal they hold for advertisers.

You can see all seven segments and their detailed profiles on our Airport Audience page.

To read about Premium Professionals in detail, you can view the full profile here.