Holidaying With Pools, Packages & Prosecco (30/04/19)

Holidaying With Pools, Packages & Prosecco

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12% of the Primesight Airports audience. These middle-class women value their holidays with both friends and family

For the majority of people reading this, either at work or with your face in someone’s armpit on the commute to the office… I'd imagine the idea of lounging by a pool with a glass of prosecco while on holiday seems pretty great right about now. 

This audience is another of our seven segments that is of particular interest to the airports themselves, not just to the advertisers we work with. Flying 3-4 times a year, this predominantly middle-class, female group is excited about spending time in the airport and will arrive early to treat themselves while there.

This group loves to browse airport shops and is very much about impulse purchases, therefore fitting in perfectly with the Primesight mantra that airports are simply shopping centres with planes outside. In fact, Gatwick alone has more than double the number of visitors Westfield London has every two weeks!

Our ‘Pools, Packages & Prosecco’ segment is unique, in that most of them (over two thirds) travel with their partner or family, making them perfectly suited for any brands trying to target the family audience. Campaigns from Cadbury’s, M&S, Boots and Greenhall’s Gin are all testament to how important this audience is to advertisers.

With Pools, Packages & Prosecco being keener than any other segment on experiential, it’s also important to remember this group for any briefs that involve samples & testers.


Following Steve Bernard’s recent introduction to Primesight, Kinetic & YouGov’s airport segmentation research in Mediatel, Joe Cassidy, Primesight’s airports business director, is running an in-depth look at each of the seven airport segments and the appeal they hold for advertisers.

You can see all seven segments and their detailed profiles on our Airport Audience page.

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