PML’s Jolene Morrison Winner of Belfast Through A Lens Competition (05/04/19)

PML’s Jolene Morrison Winner of Belfast Through A Lens Competition

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Through A Lens celebrates the unique identity of each InLink city through local photography

InLink launched in Belfast in February with an exclusive screen domination by Tourism NI, who recognised the benefits of InLink’s city centre coverage and an association with its valuable free services – including free Wi-Fi, free USB charging and helpful wayfinding maps.

As InLink hits 800 screens in 23 cities, and around 300,000 unique wi-fi subscribers, it’s not just the free services that are proving a hit with consumers and advertisers. InLink’s singular content strategy sets it apart in digital out-of-home advertising, merging the online and offline worlds with dynamic content – functionality that clients like Amex and Tesco have taken advantage of – and copy that reflects the identity of the individual locations of each InLink. 

Each InLink showcases house content that ranges from the light-hearted and cultural such as Valentine’s Day and #ArtOnInLink, through to public awareness campaigns such as English Heritage’s #BluePlaques and The Girls Network's #DearTeenageMe. This content unites the whole of the national InLink network while simultaneously celebrating everything that sets our cities and our residents apart.

Celebrating our unveiling in Belfast – which heralded InLink’s arrival in all four home nations of the UK – Primesight launched a competition among its clients to find the vibrant image that could capture what Belfast means to its inhabitants.

We’re pleased to announce that PML’s Jolene Morrison is the winner of our competition and will see her photograph across all 18 Belfast screens as part of our wider Through A Lens series. Judging the entries from across the advertising world, InLinkUK’s Content Editor Joey Godman said “We had an impressive number of striking images submitted to our competition but Jolene’s entry stood out for its originality. It captures the atmospheric and historical origins of the city but adds the modern twist that those lucky enough to visit (or live there) know Belfast for.”

Keri Heatlie, Primesight’s account director in Belfast highlighted the high quality of all of the entries and congratulated Jolene, saying “When Jolene submitted her photo she said to me ‘I took the ‘Vibrant’ brief almost literally. This is down at the Titanic Quarter/Building at Night, with Belfast City landscape in the background.’ Knowing Belfast as I do Jolene’s shot struck me immediately – it felt exactly like the city I know and love, but captured in a way I’d never seen it before.”