Outdoor Media Centre summarises the key benefits of outdoor through Outdoor5 (22/01/14)

Outdoor Media Centre summarises the key benefits of outdoor through Outdoor5

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As you would have noticed outdoor is no longer the outdoor as we know it from ten, five and even one year back. In other words, there is no such thing as traditional outdoor media anymore. This terminology is increasingly out of date due to significantly more accurate targeting and versatile developments in technology and execution.

As a consequence, in an excellent endeavour to communicate the enduring and strengthening importance of outdoor to the marketing mix, Outdoor Media Centre launched a new promotional campaign under the title of Outdoor5. The key benefits of the medium are summarised under five exceptionally strong statements that would most likely prompt media planners to reappraise the part that the outdoor ingredient€™ plays within the overall brand communication strategy.

Here they are as formulated within Outdoor5:

1. Young urban mobile audience

The outdoor audience sweet spot makes a highly desirable and attractive target.

The people you reach most with outdoor are the people you most want to reach - young, urban, mobile, active, connected, professional and light TV viewing. These are the people who see most outdoor, and the ones who buy most because of outdoor.

2. The active space

The context in which outdoor advertising reaches people is the active space.

People are alert, absorbing information, out there, in a positive mindset and open to visual stimulus. They are near the shops and en route to work, home, cinemas, pubs, sports and leisure venues. They are ready and open to influence.

3. Impressions that last

Outdoor creatives can stick in the mind for decades.

Think The Economist, iPod silhouette, Hello Boys, or Volvo shark cage. The best creative is inspiring, and brilliantly condenses the message in visually branded form, taking advantage of our strongest sense, our sight, to lock in the brand message.

4. The amplification medium

Outdoor works well in mixed media campaigns and always delivers unique cover.

Outdoor carries the message to new people and demands its own unique form of attention. It'€™s also the medium which leads to the most mobile searches, and the one with the biggest word of mouth effect.

5. Changing the landscape

Outdoor is at the heart of change, creating modernity at every turn.

It is changing the physical, visible, tangible landscape we live in, transforming the look and fabric of cities. But it's also changing the media landscape and allowing brands to do all sorts of new things with cutting-edge technology, in the interface where consumers engage personally with brands.

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