​Outdoor advertising for the property sector (16/10/17)

​Outdoor advertising for the property sector

As prices rise again in October (but with more sellers chasing buyers)* this is the time to stand out against rivals estate agents and look your best to potential customers.

You’ve centralised your email lists, done highly targeted Facebook advertising and some local flyering too – and yet your message just isn’t breaking through in the face of the competition. It might be time to try outdoor advertising.

Many estate agents are already familiar with outdoor advertising because out-of-home (OOH) is one of the mediums most likely to get noticed by those on the lookout for a new home. In fact, people whose main advertising channel is outdoor are a whopping +119% more likely to move in with their partner in the next 12 months.** But whether you’re advertising your property business for the first time outdoors or you’re well-versed in its strength, here are three excellent advantages outdoor advertising could offer your business.

Location, location, location

Estate agents: you’re geographical, we’re geographical… it’s the perfect combination. Using our granular, geographical data we can target the exact demographics and locations you’re looking for. Many people enter the outdoor advertising world thinking that billboards are just for the likes of Sky and Coca-Cola but even brand-new businesses can benefit from a single, strategically located billboard. As an example Primesight currently have 5,380 phone boxes within 100m of estate agents and we can help you pinpoint every one.

Multi-channel marketing

If you’re looking to spread your budget around then outdoor advertising is the perfect complement to your other mediums. You’ll already be aware that 90% of the population listens to the radio*** (have we mentioned 90% of the population walk past our phone boxes?) but what you might not know is that a combination of radio and OOH can seriously boost the impact of your campaign. For example, our 2015 Lucozade work showed that those who saw our billboards were 37% more likely to consider purchasing than those just exposed to radio.† Imagine what highly targeted regional OOH and radio could do for your advertising.

What’s more, research has also shown that out-of-home advertising is the most effective way to drive customers online – and therefore right to your property website.‡


Those who are new to OOH occasionally think that advertising outdoors costs more than they can afford – which couldn’t be further from the truth. With a whole range of formats, from payphones and 6-sheets, through to cinema and digital billboards, there’s something for every budget.

With granular location detail, highly affordable options and great boosts to your existing marketing strategy, there’s no reason not to explore what billboards could do for your property business.

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