Naren Patel on BBC Business Live (09/01/17)

Naren Patel on BBC Business Live

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Starting 2017 as we mean to go on

With the development of our airport portfolio, the joint venture launch of LinkUK and further rollout of Network, 2017 is going to be a big year for Primesight. Our CEO, Naren Patel, kicked off these developments with a live BBC interview on the first working day of the year.

Speaking to Sally Bundock and Rachel Horne on the Inside Track segment, Naren made the case for out-of-home advertising as a driver of fame for brands nationwide. As people in the UK spend an average of three hours a day outside of the home, outdoor advertising is the ideal medium to reach audiences during this period "When you're out and about you have an active mindset that helps you absorb messages."

When asked about the effectiveness of OOH, Naren cited a number of examples including last year's research on smartphones and billboards "On the top 20 campaigns audience search increased by up to 40%" adding "Our advertiser base consists of all of the top advertisers in the UK. They only use OOH it because it works."

As the second biggest growth channel in media, OOH is well-placed to deliver great returns on investment to advertisers in the UK, partly as a result of the industry's investment in digital. At Primesight 3% of our portfolio is digital and brings in 20% of the revenue but Naren made it clear that only premium sites will be converted - there is strength and cover in the classic 48-sheet and 96-sheet billboards that is turbo-charged with the flexibility of digital "The same ad goes up in Slough, in Derby, in Edinburgh at the same time and advertisers like the fame of having their ads up everywhere."