The Movies Edition (04/01/16)

The Movies Edition

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At this time of year our Prime News is all about the movies.

The Awards Season is looming and cinemas are chock-full of the year’s best films. It’s the best time of year to catch a movie. It’s also the best time of year to showcase your brand in cinemas.

UK box office admissions are up year on year: last year cinema admissions were worth £1,236 million.*

Cinema is the ideal medium to reach a receptive audience. Cinema-goers are attentive, happy and, most importantly, engaged. Cinema amplifies how we feel; joy, happiness and excitement are all emotions that are highly aroused prior to a film showing, meaning that we are in a more receptive frame of mind. This captive audience has an average of a 20-minute dwell time in cinemas. Research has shown that we are 33%** more alert when out of home in general, and this is amplified when we are at the movies. Advertising in cinemas is twice as memorable as TV.***

Cinema always attracts an ABC1 audience but in January and February, thanks to a selection of the best films of the year vying for major awards, the audience is a particularly premium one. Cinema’s ABC1 audience rose from 64% to 71% for 2016’s awards films and we expect to see a similar uplift this year. In addition to this, cinema’s AB audience are 22% more likely to visit a cinema once every two to three weeks between the months of January and February.

How can you target this premium audience? Speak to our Direct Team to start developing your next campaign.

Sources: *IPA Effectiveness awards, **OMC 2013 research, ***Digital cinema Media 2014 engagement study