Moroccan National Tourist Office launches first digital out-of-home campaign with Primesight (21/12/15)

Moroccan National Tourist Office launches first digital out-of-home campaign with Primesight

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London, December 21 2015

The Moroccan National Tourist Office is launching its first-ever digital out-of-home (DOOH) campaign with Primesight. The MuchMorocco campaign is leveraging ‘Network’, Primesight’s industry-leading portfolio of digital roadside 48-sheets, and digital posters in cinema foyers to maximise exposure for Morocco in the run-up to the tourist industry’s busiest booking period.

MuchMorocco is running five different creatives across Primesight inventory within a 90-minute drive from key UK airports until December 31. The colourful posters highlight the country’s many attractions, from its beautiful coastline and temperate climate to the bustling culture of Marrakesh.

As January is an important booking period, MuchMorocco will create memorable impact and increase awareness via Primesight’s digital roadside network, which this month reached 50 sites, while tapping into the positive emotional state of the cinema environment, to drive purchasing intention. Creative was handled by Spring, which is working with the Moroccan National Tourist Office across an exciting communications campaign encompassing on- and offline media.

Mark Henson, Head of Business Development at Primesight, said: “It’s exciting to see ‘Network’, our digital, large-format proposition, drawing advertisers to OOH that have historically tended to use other media.

“Even better to see the Moroccan National Tourist Office and Spring, its creative agency, making full use of the creative flexibility of DOOH, with the five separate pieces of copy showing off the vibrancy and variety of Morocco across these stunning sites.”

Amine Boughaleb, the Moroccan National Tourist Office Director for UK & Ireland, said: “Using DOOH is an ideal solution for us. It gives our creative additional impact, has allowed us to get the campaign live in record speed, and also offers great flexibility to change messaging as and when we wish to. In embracing the opportunities presented by new technology, we can reach large numbers of potential holidaymakers at a key point in their decision-making process.”

This new partnership between Primesight and the Moroccan National Tourist Office is reflective of the change occurring in media today, particularly as DOOH's flexibility and quality of presentation continues to attract new clients that have traditionally invested elsewhere. Tourist industry spend in OOH media has seen a year-on-year increase of 112%, elevating OOH's total market share from 7-18%.