May's Campaigns of the Month (02/06/17)

May's Campaigns of the Month

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Celebrating cars, beers and PSA billboards

What a month it’s been! Hyundai’s Santa Fe Endurance launched with the first ever three-screen campaign, Carlsberg presented their radical rebranding with a beautiful nationwide OOH campaign and The Body Shop warned Londoners of the ills of air pollution.

Without further ado, let’s get to Primesight’s favourite outdoor advertising campaigns in May 2017.

Hyundai’s Santa Fe Endurance

Hyundai launched their Santa Fe Endurance with a full spectrum media campaign and heavy use of OOH. You can read the full story here.

In a totally partisan – but understandable move – Account Manager Caroline Solanki nominated Hyundai’s Santa Fe Endurance campaign, saying ‘Working with a brand producing exciting advertising campaigns who are breaking barriers, using the latest technology to amplify their work has been an absolute highlight this month. Taking advantage of beacons’ ability to reach people with the right message at the right time and coupling that with our popular Primespot buying system is the perfect way for Hyundai to reach the adventurers they’re targeting’

Shamelessly self-promotional, but you’ll have to forgive us – we’re very proud of this work.


Carlsberg launched their ambitious rebrand of Carlsberg ‘Export’ in February, with Mads Mikkelsen at the front of the brand’s return to its Danish roots, in a market increasingly populated by artisan and craft wares and a recent obsession with hygge. Carlsberg have set their sights on reclaiming a dominant position across 140 markets with this £15m overhaul.

Probably the best rebrand in the world? The jury’s still out on that one but we’re big fans of their outdoor campaign as Design Manager Gaby Hollis said ‘The use of white space in this OOH campaign is particularly striking and effective in catching your eye. It’s the perfect complement to their wider media strategy, making you think differently about Export.’

The Body Shop

A collaboration between The Body Shop, Airlabs, Maxus and JCDecaux is aiming to raise awareness of the consequences of air pollution and the fact that according to Airlabs "a Londoner’s life expectancy is estimated to be reduced by as much as 16 months as a result of air pollution."

This was a campaign that resonated with a lot of people at Primesight, as Senior Graphic Designer James Wadsworth noted ‘Walking into work every day, this campaign really catches my attention. It’s an important issue for people like me and OOH is a great way for The Body Shop to raise awareness of this problem and reach people who might not know much about it.’

For previous campaign highlights check out the best billboards we spotted in February and March and if you’ve got any of your own favourites, let us know!