Lucozade: digital amplification (01/10/16)

Lucozade: digital amplification

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One of the biggest campaigns of 2015, Lucozade's 'Find Your Flow' targeted a wide audience of 'everyday strivers' using a combination of Radio, TV and OOH. 'Everyday strivers' are people who work hard, play hard and pack their days full. Primesight suggested a revolutionary media first to support the campaign, looking to make a big impact and position Lucozade as relevant to everyday dips in energy levels.

In association with Mediacom and GTN we conducted research using Clarke Chapman, into the effectiveness of this campaign. The key findings were:

  • 40% of those exposed to both OOH and radio were spontaneously aware of the Lucozade brand, which is +14% more likely than those solely exposed to radio and +38% more likely than those exposed solely to OOH.
  • Prompted awareness rose by +23% for those exposed to both media.
  • 79% saw and heard the OOH and radio campaign.
  • 63% of those exposed to both media are more likely to consider Lucozade Energy as a result of the campaign which is +37% more likely than those just exposed to radio and +23% more likely than those just exposed to OOH.
  • They were 41% more likely to consider buying the brand (NET much more or a little more likely) if exposed to both media opposed to OOH alone.
  • Over 1 in 4 (26%) agreed the advert had much more impact from seeing the poster and hearing the radio ad at the same time.

Source: 2015; Clarke Chapman research based on a Lucozade campaign

See the campaign in action: