Launching in Campaign today: a Poster Tracker for the industry (29/06/17)

Launching in Campaign today: a Poster Tracker for the industry

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In today's print edition of Campaign, Primesight has launched a run-down of the most seen OOH campaigns nationwide. We sat down with our research and marketing teams to answer the most pressing questions on Poster Tracker and what it means for the industry.

What is it?

Poster Tracker analyses the most recalled OOH campaigns in each in-charge period. Through this we are able to say which campaigns were seen the most during that display period.

How does it work?

Towards the end of each fortnightly in-charge, 2,000 people from across the UK are surveyed and asked which OOH campaigns they recall seeing. They'll be prompted with images of campaigns from a list of 15 nationwide OOH campaigns, supplied to us by each OOH Specialist. The research company Opinium is responsible for carrying out the survey.

With the recall rates collected for each campaign, we then produce an average recall percentage across all of the 15 campaigns. By doing this we can analyse which campaigns have the strongest index against the average, and the best performing campaigns are published in Campaign magazine for that fortnight.

Why is it important?

OOH is enjoying a dynamic transformation. Much of this is due to the developments in digital OOH, but we don’t want clients and agencies to forget about the great brand building job that classic OOH delivers every single day, up and down the UK. It’s the backbone of Primesight’s offering, and indeed the wider industry. Campaign magazine is the perfect place to promote this, as it will be seen by senior marketers and agency planners.

Once again Primesight is not just promoting our own inventory, but promoting the benefits of OOH media in general, and this broad-minded approach will continue to be welcomed by the wider advertising industry.

You can find the first online edition here.