Bold and colourful - the latest Waterloo Domination from Savsé (03/07/17)

Bold and colourful - the latest Waterloo Domination from Savsé

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A nationwide campaign, telling commuters: Be Savvy, Drink Savsé

With Primesight’s billboard estate offering advertisers the broadest nationwide reach of any outdoor media owner, Savsé knew exactly where to turn for their latest marketing campaign. With striking 96-sheets across the nation and a Waterloo Domination designed to turn heads, OOH served as the perfect platform to guarantee the impact of their multi-media approach.

Centred around their strapline ‘Be Savvy, Drink Savsé’ the multi-format outdoor campaign targeted ABC1 young professionals, families and students ‘embracing the brand’s position as the UK’s healthier drink option.’

Looking to entertain, inform and inspire this campaign featured bold, colourful creative and accompanying slogans such as ‘All we add to our fruit is veg’ and ‘Cold pressed to keep the goodness in’ where the playful text formatting reflected the light-hearted humour of the Savsé brand.

This outdoor activity with Primesight followed the launch of three new protein drinks (Protein Punch, Protein Blast and Protein Smash) and two juices (Jono Gold Apple and Grove Orange), followed by the game-changing launch of My First Savsé, Europe’s first ever cold-pressed baby food, in May.

Guka Tavberidze, Founder of Savsé, celebrated the campaign saying 'There are many companies being formed but very few actually stand for something. When creating Savse I refused to compromise because giving the consumers the best possible product was my only goal. Telling that story and brand awareness is important for a challenger brand like Savse and is the reason why we enjoy working with Primesight. They always go the extra mile for us, and thanks to their data we were able to handpick key locations based on stockist proximity and demographic, to ensure we placed our 6-sheet to 96-sheet artwork in the right locations for our target market.’

Ben Fishlock, Primesight's Group Business Director of Field Sales added 'It’s a rare treat to work with a brand that’s genuinely making the UK population healthier! This was a thoroughly enjoyable and memorable campaign experience for all involved at Primesight.'