Flying High with the High Flyers (26/04/19)

Flying High with the High Flyers

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27% of the Primesight Airport audience. High Flyers are high-level executives making multiple visits through airports throughout the year

I think it’s safe to say that gone are the days when the term ‘Business Passenger’ made us envisage first class lounges, reclining seats and enough complimentary champagne to kill a small horse. 

With the growth in low-cost carriers being used for business trips, Primesight’s airports have seen an extraordinary upturn in UK brands targeting the prestigious C-Suite audience nationwide. This group is now just as likely to fly budget as they might a national flag-carrier, which is great news for brands looking to benefit from a captive business audience in airports across the whole of the UK. 

The ‘High Flyers’ segment is filled with high-level executive travellers who are key to Primesight’s growing business audience. They take more than five trips per year, with over two thirds of these being short haul and tellingly a third of them travel alone. 

An incredibly savvy audience, they are the kind of person others would ask for tech advice and over 80% manage to pay their credit card off in full (as alien as that may sound to you and me …) 

These flyers make up a whopping 27% of all annual airport passengers and are the reason that brands such as Dell, Lloyds, Huawei and Investec have seen the value in launching business-focused campaigns in this environment. 

This is an audience that is going to continue to grow and so there’s never been a better time to use airport advertising to target affluent, professional UK residents.


Following Steve Bernard’s recent introduction to Primesight, Kinetic & YouGov’s airport segmentation research in Mediatel, Joe Cassidy, Primesight’s airports business director, is running an in-depth look at each of the seven airport segments and the appeal they hold for advertisers.

You can see all seven segments and their detailed profiles on our Airport Audience page.

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