Good job, OOH! The quiet and consistent training for today'€™s demanding consumer (29/04/14)

Good job, OOH! The quiet and consistent training for today'€™s demanding consumer

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“Nearly 5 months into 2014 and I’m morphing into an obsessive training junkie. I’ve increased my weekly frequency at boot camp and on road running but attending is no longer enough. I want to know more about how I can use latest wearable technology to improve my training efficiency.”

We want technology to go where we go, and go where technology inspires us to go. In a recent consumer tech survey 54% of people were interested in buying a health monitor as an app and 69% of 14-17 year olds were very keen in having a fitness monitor app (Source: Accenture Digital Consumer Tech Survey, 2014) We want to know more about ourselves, on demand, on devices that house our lives and help us to reach our sweat to get goals.

But it isn’t just the health & fitness sector that is preening itself for the trend. Mainstream retail is feeling the pain as well as the profit margin benefits of the ever more demanding consumer. We want to explore a store’s site at lunchtime on the desktop, watch the catwalk view on our mobile commuting home on the train and continue the journey to basket on the tablet when we get home. All of this, of course, without friction, consistently having to input log in details here and there, or wait for the catwalk view to buffer. But this takes great tech power and capabilities. However, when done right it can reap the rewards.

And there is OOH, perfectly positioned to take advantage of the hyper-connected digital world. A year on since the launch of the £19m audience measurement and planning system Route, OOH is the ideal medium to tag team the changing consumer that works out on the treadmill of 24/7 on-demand technology. Alongside the work that the Outdoor Media Centre is doing to showcase the power of Outdoor there have recently been a number of cross industry campaigns that we’ll hopefully see a lot more of in the coming months.

Recently mobile marketing company Weve, who connect brands to consumers using engaging, highly contextual and targeted campaigns on a mass scale, enlisted OOH to help drive primary awareness and sales for Lucozade. The Revive campaign (Source: Getmemedia, 2013) saw an 8% increase in sales when OOH was running at the same time as the mobile messaging.

Shopping experiences while out of the home are set to change with iBeacons. The Bluetooth low energy devices are small enough to be placed anywhere in a store so as you shop you’re sent bespoke mobile notifications such as vouchers or contextual suggestions based on your purchase history with either the physical or e-store. Apple has been using iBeacons in all of their US stores since Dec 2013 as part of their “micro proximity-based retail assistance” strategy (Source:, 2013). As with any targeted campaign tools that require access to your personal behaviour or data, it raises questions around the potential intrusive nature, frequency capping, opt in facilities and PI data mining. But these can be overcome through educating consumers on how to protect themselves, and simplifying the often convoluted terms and conditions associated with data mining (it’s being done positively with cookie tracking) therefore putting the control back into the hands of the consumer. The benefits of doing this are worthwhile. We know consumers will “trade their data for value under specific conditions” (Source: Accenture Racing Toward a Complete Digital Lifestyle: Digital Consumers Crave More, 2014). 70% would scratch the backs of brands in return for monetary reward so long as “their personal data got used only by their providers” (Source: Accenture Digital Tech Survey 2014).

So it would seem our demand for immediate data that talks to us on a truly individual basis, is on point and has of- the-moment relevancy isn’t subsiding. Good job Outdoor has quietly been in training for this demanding culture for quite a while. Now, where’s my iPhone – I wonder how many calories I burned off while writing this...