Glasgow Subway is back! (08/08/16)

Glasgow Subway is back!

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Glasgow Subway has reopened after work as part of SPT's £288m modernisation project.

The 'Clockwork Orange' as it's affectionately known, is currently undergoing a £288m modernisation plan to upgrade or replace trains, signalling, platforms and stations. Refurbished stations include St Enoch, Buchanan street, Kelvinbridge, Shields Road and Govan and the work has given them a new, more modern look and better accessibility.

Outside of London, Glasgow is home to the second biggest office space in the UK and the return of the Subway will be welcomed by commuters – an impressive 31% of them use public transport to get to work.

Taking a full loop in just 24 minutes around its 15 stations, the Subway gives passengers quick and easy access to the Style Mile and evenings out across the centre and West End. And the numbers show that Glaswegians make the most of their underground system, with 650,000+ passengers every two weeks.

"There are many cities across the country that would dearly love to have a transport asset as clean and green as the Subway. It’s worth remembering that it would take 400 extra double decker buses a day to carry the same number of people across the city that the Subway can." Jonathan Findlay, SPT Chairman

What makes this the ideal advertising space?

As one of National Geographic's Top 20 'Best of the World' destinations for 2016 and the New York Times' must visit destination of 2016, the largest city in Scotland is home to an eclectic, affluent and thriving audience. Compared to the national average Glaswegians are 53% more likely to be heavy cinema goers, 11% more likely to agree ‘I often buy on impulse, products I hadn’t thought of’ and 30% more likely to agree ‘I spend a lot on clothes’.

Reaching this fun-loving, money-spending audience is easy on the Subway (which is used more than buses in the city centre). The short platforms, the 6-8 minute dwell time and the ability to dominate the entire environment all play their part in making this the ideal space to showcase your brand. Digital 6 sheets and digital escalator panels (DEPs) offer further opportunities to target specific groups such as commuters, shoppers and those on nights out. And as passengers are funneled directly into and out of the station your message is unavoidable on Glasgow Subway.

Put your brand in front of Glaswegians today.