​Fitness centres, gyms and sports clubs: outdoor advertising for you (06/11/17)

​Fitness centres, gyms and sports clubs: outdoor advertising for you

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There’s no better time to book.

Our space during the competitive January period is getting booked up fast with fitness centres, gyms and sports clubs looking to capitalise on this time of year.

Out-of-home is perfect for speaking to the right customer, in the right place, at the right time while they’re going about their day. In fact people spend an average of 3 hours and 15 minutes out and about every day – so there’s no better way to reach your target audience.

So why do so many advertisers choose Primesight for their January campaigns? Primesight’s advertising portfolio comes in a range of formats and styles – from billboards, to phone boxes, digital screens, cinemas and even airports – so we know that we’re always where you need us to be.

How should you go about booking your January campaign? We’ve identified three key components for anyone planning their fitness advertising.

Success factor #1: Audience

Think about your local area and the people who already visit your gym. Perhaps your club is out in the suburbs, welcoming families and customers in the evenings and at weekends. Or you’re in a busy, central location helping people maintain their work/life balance with lunchtime classes. Identifying this audience will also help you to understand where best to find them – if most of them drive to find you, our roadside estate is sure to speak to them; if your members tend to walk along the high street to reach you, phone boxes might be best.

Whatever the location, think about how you can answer the needs of your key audience and help them to meet their goals in 2018.

Success factor #2: Motivation

Once you’ve identified your audience you’ll be one step closer to understanding their motivation. Are they worried about being able to lose weight? Or perhaps they’ve never even been in a class before and are a little fearful that your fitness centre won’t be as welcoming as they need it to be. Help them to face their fears with the right messaging and imagery, communicating exactly what they can expect from you.

Success factor #3: Push

Offering the right incentive can be just the push your audience needs to realise their new year’s resolutions. But don’t limit yourself to financial offers. Return to the research you’ve done on your audience and their motivation to really figure out what will close the deal for them. Perhaps an offer that helps them to get over their fear of failure, such as a no-commitment package would be just the right thing to get them to sign up. Or for lapsed gym-bunnies that reminder of what a January package could do for them to start the year just right might be just the push they need.

Out-of-home advertising is a cost effective, powerful way to promote your gym or fitness studio in your local neighbourhood. Talk to one of our team today to snap up a January campaign deal.