February's Campaign of the Month (27/02/17)

February's Campaign of the Month

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Empowerment, Prince and Peanut Butter

What's not to love about February?

In no particular order (we'll look into renaming this Campaigns of the Month) here are the Primesight team's top 3 spotted in February.

This Girl Can

There's been no shortage of media coverage on round two of This Girl Can, now presenting itself not just as advertising but as activism too. It's not only the industry enjoying this campaign, but women nationwide who relate strongly to the message (as the 13 million people who have viewed the flagship This Girl Can film online show).

As Jennie Price, CEO, Sport England put it "We want to tell the real story of women who exercise and play sport" and that's certainly worked for Primesight's Rubbi Bhogal-Wood who said "I love how real this campaign is. It speaks to me as a woman who can be filled with self-doubt when exercising. The various taglines have become little mantras to me. If that girl can, then so can I. Inspiring!"

Well done to FCB Inferno for a campaign we love seeing on our billboards.

Spotify and Prince

James Power nominated this Spotify campaign announcing the return of Prince's vast music collection to the streaming service. Beginning with an intriguing purple banner that appeared at London's Spitalfields Market at the end of January, the unveiling came just after the Grammy Awards tribute to the late artist. With all of Prince's albums from 1978 to 1996 now available to stream, James Power commented "I think the Spotify banner was a step back in history to the great OOH concept of 'tease and reveal'. With such a simple, striking banner it left everyone walking past wondering what it was all about. Using the 'tease' of a colour so associated with one of music's greatest artists, and then the 'reveal' with the icon himself was the perfect way to launch his songs on the streaming service. It was impactful, iconic and unmissable!"

Whole Earth

In its 50th year, Whole Earth launched its first ever outdoor advertising campaign with the new #FuelGood slogan, looking to appeal to fitness fans ready to get healthy. The online visuals don't do this stopping-you-in-your-tracks campaign justice, as Gaby Hollis, who nominated this creative discussed "While waiting on the train platform this eye-catching billboard made me do a double-take because it looked so real. There was something beautiful in its simplicity and I loved the brilliant way Sophie Radcliffe is staring at the jar, drawing your eye to the product."

We can't wait to see more outdoor campaigns from Whole Earth!

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