Dynamic and Real Time Content (30/10/16)

Dynamic and Real Time Content

Primesight is now part of Global

A joined up, systematic approach to dynamic advertising

Our Real Time Content Marketing Hub is a joined-up, systematic approach and commitment to delivering dynamic advertising that is managed from inventory, to booking, to pricing and live campaign changes. Our Network and cinema infrastructure can be managed from one central point to ensure live copy change depending on the defined datasets your brand requires.

How does it work?

DOOH’s flexible nature allows a defined set of variables to be used to determine the most appropriate creative/message with which to address the audience. Dynamic content is then generated for the audience in the moment.

This has some clear benefits:

  • Content that captures the attention of audiences
  • Minimise budget wastage
  • Opportunity to be more relevant
  • Content can be updated immediately
  • Increased responsiveness to market situations
  • Real time marketing


The digital out of home advertising data specialists. They are award winning experts in using data to trigger and create ads.

Grand Visual

Grand Visual is a production and creative technology company offering platforms and services that unlock communication potential where digital technologies meet the out-of-home audience – digital experiences intersecting with the real, physical world.