Dry January and Beyond: Outdoor Advertising for Health Brands (26/11/17)

Dry January and Beyond: Outdoor Advertising for Health Brands

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How can your business take advantage of January's good intentions?

As we all know most people begin the year with a few resolutions or at least a desire to improve their lives. Dry January, Meat Free Monday (and Feel Good February for the truly committed) are just some of the recent inventions to come about as result of Christmas excess and more conscious eating habits, as well as the feeling that 'something's got to change'. So how can your business make the most of this period and turn these well-intentioned hopefuls into consumers of your brand?

Outdoor advertising reaches the health conscious

As you probably already know, out-of-home advertising reaches 98% of the population every two weeks, but what you might not have heard before is that OOH heavily over-indexes for 15-34 year-olds, and younger, more affluent consumers spend 25% more time out and about than they did 10 years ago (at an average of 3 hours and 10 minutes).* But why is that fact so relevant for healthy food and drink businesses? According to YouGov, amongst those for whom 'OOH is the main advertising channel that grabs my attention' 57% of this audience make an effort to get their 5 a day and 61% don’t mind paying more for products that are good for the environment.** So by using OOH you'll be speaking to an audience already interested in their health and the world around them - and those interests will no doubt even keener at the start of the year.

We begin the week with good intentions***

According to Waitrose's proprietary research, although 'two thirds of Brits follow some sort of diet or health drive, three quarters of us say we now opt for a more commonsense approach rather than a strict regimen' so targeting consumers at the start of the week when they're eating even more consciously is easier and cheaper than ever before with OOH.† Primesight's AM/PM digital commuter slots allow SMEs to target AB1 consumers cost-effectively Monday-Wednesday when they're most likely to behave themselves - and when you're most likely to reach high concentrations of this high-spending audience. As we increasingly make multiple daily or weekly shops, using this digital scheduling will give you far more bang for your buck.

Healthy food keeps us happy - as does visiting the cinema

Further, 'almost seven in 10 shoppers say they feel happier when they buy food they know is healthy'† and to truly tap into those positive emotions the cinema is one of the best places you can get your message across. We remember details at the cinema with far greater clarity and accuracy and it's one of the activities we say makes us feel happiest - perfect for showcasing your healthy brand.‡

OOH advertising taps into micro-moments

Shopping habits have changed and 'we’re making small tweaks to broaden our diets and add more vegetables' as well as adding concepts like #meatfreemonday to our week. With over two thirds of shoppers deciding what to eat for dinner on the day there are plenty of opportunities to influence those healthy options by tapping into 'micro-moments' throughout the day.† Even for SMEs we've seen mobile change what consumers expect of brands. It's fractured the consumer journey into hundreds of real-time, intent-driven micro-moments. Give your audience what they desire; inform and inspire them at key moments.

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