Deep Heat Marathon Takeover (29/04/19)

Deep Heat Marathon Takeover

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The UK’s No.1 selling heat brand launches one-day tactical, contextual campaign along the marathon route 

Long the post-workout hero of many an athlete, Deep Heat has taken over the whole of April with a runner-targeted Waterloo Domination and a one-day marathon campaign to remember.  

On Sunday 28th April Deep Heat joined the marathon runners en route to cheer them on in the midst of one of the most gruelling physical challenges humans can set themselves.  

Using Primesight’s digital 48-sheets at miles 5, 11, 12, 13, 21 and 22, Deep Heat changed the creative multiple times to reflect each stage of the marathon and the way they expected runners to be feeling. 

Research carried out by Limelight and YouGov has shown that consumer attitudes and behaviour are heavily influenced when a brand is involved with a participation event. This is just one of many examples of sporting brands making the most of that insight and returning to the Primesight portfolio—following Deep Heat’s successful 2018 marathon focus on the Primesight estate.  

Other brands to have seen great success in sporting promotion with Primesight’s out-of-home include Hyundai selling out their Kings Cross Euro 2016 Fanzone sponsorship with tactical DOOH and Robinsons' highly creative Waterloo Domination campaign promoting their Wimbledon sponsorship.  

“We have long talked about the power of context in advertising and Deep Heat has fully utilised its benefits with their DOOH marathon-targeting campaign. Not only did they target the day of the marathon with screens along the route but they also changed the copy dependent on the location of the runner and the predicted mindset (and the degrees of exhaustion) that they would be in. A truly great way to connect with consumers when they were most in need” -Toby Fairlamb, planning business director, Primesight