Creativepool partners with Primesight to disrupt the creative market (15/06/17)

Creativepool partners with Primesight to disrupt the creative market

Primesight is now part of Global

With the launch of studiocrowd

Primesight has partnered with Creativepool to amplify the launch of their expertly curated and fully managed crowdsourcing platform, studiocrowd.

As our Make an Impression initiative, and recent coverage of our Campaign dinner identified, there are still many opportunities to improve the relationship between the creative industry and outdoor advertising – a cause that Primesight continues to champion.

studiocrowd aims to change the way creative work is sourced, presenting brands with the opportunity to source creativity from a highly influential external creative team of thousands, by engaging them in an entirely unique way to garner professional, authentic and diverse results.

With over a quarter of a million members on their platform, Creativepool is one of the largest creative industry networks and Primesight look forward to developing this relationship to further the visibility of OOH.

The first brands to brief the Creativepool community are, Amnesty International, Interscope Records and Getty Images – a company that was also involved in #EasterSOwhite's work to bring diversity to advertising.

Mark Henson, head of marketing at Primesight praised the partnership saying 'Out-of-home lives and dies by the creativity of design, messaging and copy showcased on our sites. We welcome the opportunity to work with platforms such as Creativepool to keep outdoor advertising front of mind for creatives everywhere.'

'An incredible community of talent is using Creativepool everyday to share and experience creativity. We are thrilled to be working with Primesight and all of our launch partners to explore the realms of creativity beyond their traditional routes' said Heather Deacon, Creativepool's global brand partnerships director.