A Colour A Day from Jeep Renegade (08/11/16)

A Colour A Day from Jeep Renegade

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In a first for Network, Jeep is using bespoke daily copy to target consumers on the go

Jeep's Renegade is live on Network with a tailored message for each day of the week.

A great example of contextually relevant copy, Jeep is demonstrating the power of digital out-of-home and its ability to stand out to consumers with adaptable messaging.

The vibrant colour scheme changes every day, helping Jeep to attract even more attention on our digital 48- and 96-sheets in the dark winter months.

From Omaha Orange Monday to Anvil Grey Tuesday, Solar Yellow Saturday to Anvil White Sunday this week has seen the spectrum of Renegade shades and colourful offers.

What next for bespoke digital copy?